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Optimizing Your Marketing Automation Program for Success

Exclusive free webinar with Kath Pay

In this must-attend webinar, Kath Pay, the CEO of Holistic Email Marketing, reveals the “why, what, and how” of testing and optimizing your marketing automation program.

You’re probably aware of the huge benefits of testing, but you might also know that because of the complex nature of marketing automation programs, they’re not the easiest things to test. Join us to discover how you can implement a continuous learning approach with marketing automation.

About Kath Pay

Kath Pay photo

With over 16 years of email marketing experience and 10 years on the UK DMA Email Marketing Council, Kath Pay is a true industry thought leader.

She is recognized as one of the UK’s leading email marketers and heads up training for Econsultancy on personalization and email marketing.

Some of the brands she has helped are: eBay, Tommy Hilfiger, Marks and Spencer, Adobe, and Facebook.

What you’ll get out
of this webinar:

  • The principles of testing marketing automation programs
  • The importance of identifying your metric of success
  • How to successfully test an automated program and get better results
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