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Newsletter Templates for Publishing

Publishing is undergoing enormous change. Online subscriptions are outpacing hard copy sales. Authors are publishing more e-books and blogs. GetResponse email marketing can reach all these audiences - virtually!

A few examples of how you can use GetResponse to grow your business:

  • Choose from beautiful designed publishing templates, 1000+ FREE iStock images, and up to 1 GB of media to create the perfect themes for your website, book or newsletter.
  • Send unlimited campaigns and autoresponder messages with 99% deliverability to ensure readers pick your site for great deals, reviews and new releases.
  • With social media integration and sharing, you can expand your audience and drive profitable direct-to-consumer sales before titles even hit the stores!
  • Segment lists with just a few clicks according to purchasing history, demographics, location (near a book signing!), and other key buying factors.
  • Not sure which topic or title to pitch? GetResponse lets you split test up to 5 versions of your subjects, design, and content so you always make the hit list.
  • Use FREE online surveys and email analytics to track reading preferences - and deliver more targeted offers and sales-generating campaigns every time.
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