How Only In Your State Gets an Average 50.55% Unique Open Rate

And up to 2500 new subscribers every day.

With 8 million Facebook fans (and counting), travel content publisher Only In Your State is a fascinating success story. It turned to GetResponse to reach greater heights — and help more people discover new, exciting things to do all over the United States.


  • Turn Facebook fans into subscribers
  • Best-possible deliverability
  • Driving traffic to

Favorite features

  • Dedicated IP address
  • Marketing automation
  • State-of-the-art API


  • Up to 2,500 new contacts daily
  • 50.55% unique
    open rate
  • 99% deliverability

Only In Your State does content on a big scale – much like the huge territory it reports on. There are 75 new articles published on their website every day. Monday to Friday, a newsletter goes out to over 335,000 contacts, with outstanding results. And with more than 8 million Facebook fans, the publisher continues to convert a large audience into newsletter subscribers, adding over 2500 new contacts daily.

What’s its secret to success? Well, they say content is king. But Only In Your State knows email is key for connecting great content with a growing audience.

Here’s how GetResponse helped:

Dedicated IP
address for big sends

Some say if you send emails too often, it affects your open and click-through rates – and deliverability. But Only In Your State proves you can send emails every business day and still get impressive results.

Our open rate each day is over 50%, and we have a CTR of around 10 - 15%.”
Only In Your State co-founder.

“We measure our success mostly by website traffic we receive from the emails. It has grown week on week for four months!”

With an average bounce rate of only 0.06%, over 99% of emails reach the recipient. How? By using a dedicated IP address and thorough warm-up process. This protects the publisher’s email reputation – and fosters powerful communication with its large database.

“From a technical and delivery standpoint, everything
has been great,”
says Brian.

Marketing automation
for better personalization

But how does Only In Your State send the right content to the right person – given that it covers 50 states and has a segmented database? Simple. It uses GetResponse Marketing Automation to create different workflows for each segment.

Only In Your State operates 50 active marketing automation workflows – one for each state”
Patryk Mahlik,
GetResponse Customer Experience Engineer

This triggers a simple action: when a new contact is added to a campaign, they get a welcome message. This lets you automatically send a unique, personalized email depending on the user’s geolocation.”

State-of-the-art API


Flexible API integration was top of the list when Only In Your State looked for an online marketing platform. So the team compared the technical capabilities of popular tools.

I looked into every major email service provider, and GetResponse was the choice ultimately because its API allowed us to manage everything exactly how we needed to do it,” says Brian.

GetResponse API has virtually the same functionalities as the online platform.
So Only In Your State can use it to manage campaigns and newsletters, add new contacts, and even gather statistics.

“We almost never use the GetResponse interface. Everything is done through the GetResponse API with our custom backend, which makes newsletter building and sending very easy,” says Brian.

“How we’re using the API is actually very impressive, and makes managing so many campaigns a breeze.”

Powerful tools for enterprise businesses

Only In Your State showcases the power of quality content. But the right set of fully customized tools helped the company conquer new territory – and get spectacular results.

From features to deliverability to customer service, GetResponse is an excellent platform. We are looking forward to working directly with them to continue growing!”

For the thriving content publisher, GetResponse has been a walk in the park.


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