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Transcendz Marketing

Transcendz Marketing

Transcendz is an event and marketing agency based in Malaysia, with its core focus at delivering a personalized service in creating systematic, fun and experiential events, bringing your audience closer to you and help create relationship and memories that last. Leveraging experiences of more than 12 years in organizing events for various industries, Transcendz sets forth to transform the way speaking events are managed and the way audience engage in it

  • Marketing strategy
  • Service

Funnel and Conversion Specialist

We help speakers build automated systems combined with high converting processes.


Our business focus is to put a Speaker’s strength where it should be, and not have the business aspect of things trouble them. That's where we come in.

We offer a discovery session with you to: 1. Understand the market and ideal target audience for your business.

  1. Tailor marketing funnel and conversion process for your business

  2. Outline methods to capitalize on marketing opportunities.

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