1. If you:

a. offer goods or services to data subjects in the EEA, irrespective of whether a payment is required, or

b. monitor behaviour of data subjects in the EEA,

you represent and warrant that in using the Service, in particular in creating lists of Contacts, sending e-mails and collecting personal data, you comply with all personal data protection, privacy, and electronic communication regulations applicable in the EEA and its member states.

 2. In particular you are obliged to:

a. clearly inform data subjects about means and purposes of the processing of personal data, including for processing in the Service;

b. obtain and maintain express and valid consent of the data subject to transfer their data to GetResponse and to be processed in order to send them electronic communication by GetResponse on your behalf;

c. agree to indemnify and hold GetResponse harmless from any losses resulting from breach of the above warranties and obligations.