Additional Terms for additional features (add-ons) and services

1. Unless expressly stated otherwise, these Additional Terms apply to the use of add-ons and third-party services. When you choose to use a specific add-on, or integrate with a third-party service, you also agree to the applicable Additional Terms.The ability to use add-ons and third-party services is considered part of the Service offered by GetResponse (as defined in our standard Terms of Service).

2. Please read the below Additional terms carefully before you start using an add-on or third-party service integration, as they set the most important rules of their use and constitute a legal agreement between you and GetResponse.

3. Additional Terms do not replace GetResponse standard Service Documents but supplement them, and the standard Terms of Service continue to apply once you have enabled an add-on or third-party service integration. Except as otherwise defined in this document, all capitalized terms used in the Additional Terms have the meaning attributed to them in the Terms of Service.

4. When you integrate a third-party service with GetResponse, you authorize us to exchange any of your data, whether confidential or not, with the third-party service provider in order to enable such integration. 

5. With GetResponse, you can use specific add-on through your GetResponse Main Account. Your use of the specific add-on feature will be governed by and subject to this add-on service provider regulations (“Regulations”), especially terms of service, guidelines, polices, standards and restrictions you may usually find at service providers’ websites. Before starting using specific add-on you should you make sure that you understand and agree such a regulation and will comply with all of its terms. Please be aware, that failure to comply with Regulations may result in a variety of consequences, including e.g.: 

-the cancellation of specific add-on and termination of your account provided by specific add-on service provider;

-rejection of your ad before being placed on specific add-on platform;

-revoking your ability to use the feature;

-suspension or termination of your GetResponse Main Account.

6. You should not use any add-on service provider’s policies to avoid any obligations determined in the GetResponse Terms of Service.

7. You are liable for being familiar with and adhering to all applicable provisions of law, rules and regulations – in particular but not limited to data protection, privacy, electronic communication regulations, as well as those relating to taxes – that apply your use of a specific add-on or a third-party service. You agree to observe any amendments to these laws and regulations and comply with their currently binding version. You are solely liable for determining if our Service, add-on, as well as the third-party service, are suitable for you in view of such laws and regulations. You represent and warrant that you have provided information, obtained and hold (or will obtain and hold) legally required consents and process personal data in accordance with all applicable laws on personal data protection. Such laws refer to all applicable international, federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations, directives, governmental requirements and binding instructions currently in effect, as they are amended and as they become effective relating in any way to personal data protection, privacy, confidentiality, security (including cybersecurity) and electronic communication, including without limitation relevant regulations related to personal data protection. 

8. If you process any payment via you specific add-on account You are solely responsible for the collection and administration of payments made by your customers, or anyone else who pays for goods or services you offer, when using your GetResponse Main Account, and you should comply with all applicable laws relating to it, including all applicable international or local, state, or federal tax requirements. GetResponse does not process or hold your funds or any payments made by your customers, or anyone else who pays for goods or services you offer when using the specific Integration at any time. You are also solely responsible for any refunds or chargebacks associated with any payments. 

9. The service provider offering a specific integration you process the payments with  is solely responsible for all activities, issues and disputes related to payment processing enabled via the such a integration including payment receipt, refunds, chargebacks, and taxes. You and your customers should contact this service provider directly to resolve any issues related to the foregoing. All payment information provided by your customers using this specific integration will be passed directly to service provider offering such a integration, and GetResponse will not have access to that information. GetResponse does not manage and is not responsible for third-party providers’ compliance obligations and efforts.

10. By setting up the specific Integration, you accept and agree for possibility, that certain information related to your account (including customer identification and transaction data, and inventory data) will be disclosed to and stored by both GetResponse and specific add-on provider. You accept that all payment and financial information (if applicable) provided by your customers when using specific Integration will be transferred directly to specific add-on provider. We will handle the data disclosed to us as described in our Privacy Policy. When you decide to stop using the specific Integration, this information will be stored in your GetResponse Main Account until you decide to delete it, we require it to be deleted, or you cancel your GetResponse Main Account, whichever occurs first.

11. You can stop using a particular add-on or third-party service integration at any time.

12. We may also, at our sole discretion and without liability, modify the add-on or third-party service, or discontinue its availability at any time.

13. Third party-service providers and GetResponse are independent contractors and not employees, partners, affiliates, agents, representatives, or joint ventures of one another, and neither have any authority to bind, control, or influence decisions made by the other. You understand and agree that GetResponse is an independent party and has no right, responsibility, or ability to control, direct, or influence any action, inaction, conduct, or decision made by third-party service providers.

14. Late scheduling of delivery, interruptions in rendering the Service or the Integration, and other obstacles that may impact using your Account, may be caused by specific add-on service provider and we bear no liability in such circumstances. Further, we do not guarantee the reach or performance of your ad. Please be aware that specific add-on service provider may also reject or remove any ad for any reason. 

15. We further reserve the right to change these Additional Terms at any time by posting the revised document on our website and/or by sending an email to the last email address you have given to us. The changed Terms will be effective immediately upon posting on our website with respect to any continued or new use of the Service.