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February 2018


Target your PadiAct webform at specific customers and add them straight to your GetResponse email marketing campaign – all by adjusting a few settings parameters.

PadiAct is a web form service. It helps you create and install a web form at your site. What’s special about it is that you can specify the web form parameters to only display for particular groups of visitors e.g. new visitors, returning visitors, English or French speaking etc. – advanced targeting solutions right from the subscription stage.

And now all your PadiAct webforms can pass on the contacts to your GetResponse campaign automatically with a little bit of API key magic.

So how it works?

  1. When you log into your PadiAct account for the first time one of the most important stages is to create your first campaign and define your email marketing service. Chose GetResponse and it’s all almost automatic from here.
  2. In the dashboard click edit settings.
  3. Define your targets and connect to your GetResponse account by providing your GetResponse secret API key, and choose which GetResponse campaign you want the new subscribers be added to. The contacts will be added to your Getresponse list with all the custom fields that are created for this particular campaign.
  4. In order for PadiAct to start collecting emails, make sure to add our JavaScript code to your website. Click the link at the bottom or top of the dashboard. Copy the code and add it to your website, on every page, above the Google Analytics code.
  5. Click the “Apply to site” button anytime you want to save what you did on the dashboard. However, if the code isn’t on each page of the website, nothing will happen.
  6. As the final step, when you’re sure all is set, press “Activate” to start the campaign.

From now on every visitor who completes your PadiAct web form will be automatically added to the selected Getresponse campaign.

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