How do I change the “From” address in my messages?

For various reasons, ranging from deliverability to the spam score to personal preference, you may need to change the “From” address for your message. Here are the instructions to learn how to do it.

Creating a new message

When you’re creating a new message, you can select the from address on the newsletter manage page. Expand the drop-down and select the from field that you want to use.

Simply click the from field you want to use. If it’s not on the list, you would have to add a new one.  Learn more about how to add a new “From” address.

Legacy editor
When you’re creating a new message, you can select a “From” address for it on the Newsletter settings page.

Expand the From drop-down list.
You can select any address from this list.

newsletter settings from field menu.

Editing a draft

If you still haven’t sent your message and it’s saved as a draft:

  1. Go to Drafts from the Dashboard.
    Location of drafts shown.
  2. Find your message, and then click the Actions icon (vertical ellipsis) and select Edit.
    location of edit draft button.
  3. On the Newsletter settings page, expand the From drop-down list. Select the address you need – proceed according to the instructions above (see, Creating a new message).

Note You can also edit your Autoresponder and Automation message “From” addresses the same way. Those are available under Menu from the dashboard.

I added a new “From” address, but I didn’t get the confirmation email

In such cases, we recommend that you:

  • resend the confirmation email
  • double check your inbox, including all additional folders (including the junk folder)
  • whitelist the GetResponse IP address ranges:

I clicked the confirmation link, but my “From” address is still unconfirmed

In such cases, we recommend that you:

  • refresh the page
  • log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, and log back in
  • try using a different browser

Still not working?

Our Customer Success Team will be happy to help. Make sure you have the following information on hand to speed things along:

  • the email address you want to confirm as your “From” field
  • the name of the message you’re working on

Tutorial video