Where can I find the statistics for my messages, subscriptions, web forms and landing pages?

1. iPhone/iPad App

The statistics for the most recent newsletter you can find on the app’s Dashboard. There you can find to how many contacts the message was sent, how many opened and clicked the links.

Scroll down the screen to check your subscription statistics. Under the graph showing the dynamics of your list, you can find the most popular method and country. Tap on the numbers to view the details.

To check the stats for other messages you sent tap Newsletters or Autoresponder at the bottom menu and tap the message name. On the iPad, the same menu is on the left.

To check the statistics for your landing pages, choose the landing page icon at the bottom of the screen. The app will show you the total number of visitors, unique visitors, and subscribers.

Web form stats are no available in the iPhone app.

2. Android App

Stats for your most recent message are shown in the Dashboard tab. There you can find information on the number of contacts the message was sent, the number of opens and clicks.

Below the message stats, you can find information on your list growth, tap on the number of contacts two times so their email addresses.

To see statistics for other messages, tap the Statistics tab and choose a newsletter or autoresponder. Then tap on the message to see the open and click rates. In the additional menu on the messages list, you can send a report and pin the stats to your dashboard.

Additionally, the app provides you with the stats on your landing pages and web forms, to check them you need to tap Web forms or Landing pages in the menu on the right.