Can I add links to custom fields?

There are two methods of adding links to custom fields. You can create:

  • a URL custom field. It’s a validated input field that lets you enter a site address.
  • a text field and add an <a> tag to link to an external page. This is possible for checkbox text fields only.

In this article, we show you how to add a link to a text field. For general instructions on creating custom fields (including URL fields), go to How do I create and use custom fields. If you need to add consent fields and link to your Privacy policy and collect consent, go to How do I create and use Consent fields.

Creating a checkbox field

1. In your GetResponse account, go to Lists and click Custom fields in the top menu.
2. Click the Create custom field button.
3. Enter a name, e.g. “checkbox_with_link”.

Space where you can enter the name of the custom field

4. For type, select Text.

Text custom field option shown in drop down menu

5. For format, you select the first of the multiple-answer field options.

Multiple answer option

6. In the options field, type in the text you want to display to your potential contacts.

To include a link, add the <a> HTML tag, for example:

hyperlink custom field

Swap the URL in the example for the link you want to use and modify the text that will be linked. Be sure to include https:// and use single quotes (‘ ‘) in the tag. The linked document will open in a separate window.

7. Click Save.
The custom field you’ve created will appear within your User-defined custom fields on the Manage page.

Repeat steps 2-7 to create as many checkbox fields as you need.

Adding the field to forms and landing pages

Once you’ve created the checkbox field, you can add them to your forms and landing pages.

Landing pages

Here’s how to add the checkbox field in a landing page editor:

1. Go to Dashboard>>Create and click the Create landing page button.
2. Select a template.
3. In a popup modal, enter a name and click Use template. This will open the template editor.
4. Locate the registration form and click it to enable the editing tools.
5. Click Webform fields.
6. From the list, select the custom field you want to add. Turn on the Required option.
7. Click OK to add the custom field and return to the editor.

You can now finish editing your landing page.


Here’s how to add the checkbox field in the forms and surveys editor:

1. Go to Dashboard>>Create and click the Create form button.
2. In List Builder Wizard, select the template you want to use.
3. In the Add field tab, locate the Custom fields section. Drag and drop the custom field you want to use onto the form. You can modify how the field should be displayed using the options in the Layout and Style tabs.