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A/B Testing

Get it right and get more – more opens, clicks, and sales

Which subject line gets the most opens? Which call-to-action gets the most clicks?
Easily test, analyze, and tweak your emails for peak performance.

Intuitive setup

The email A/B testing functionality is integrated into the message settings stage, and ready to set up with a few simple clicks. It’s practically automatic.

Anything can be tested

Content, subject line, from field, time of day,
day of week – create up to 5 versions for any of these
A/B test types to find out the best strategy.

Dividing recipients

Evenly splitting up your list into testing segments has never been easier. You can split test with up to 50% of your contacts — all defined with a handy slider.

Results on the spot

Your newsletter list includes detailed
metrics for clicks, opens, and performance
reports for each version.

Email A/B testing is a key email marketing optimization technique. 27.1% of marketers say they test their subject lines.

Email split testing is fundamental to email marketing optimization. Yet 51% of email marketers don’t proactively test and optimize their emails at all.

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