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Our mission statement

We are driven by a desire to deliver the best online solutions possible, so every customer can get awe-inspiring results, regardless of their business size or field of endeavor. Fulfilling that mission takes smarts, creativity, and a deep love of what we do. Something in our DNA pushes us to seek our best — to acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, take risks, and make constant improvements. If you’re looking for a professional life with endless possibilities for growth and achievement, we invite you to build your career at GetResponse.

Simon Grabowski
Simon Grabowski, CEO

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  • Tech

    We are a bunch of tech geeks - web developers, scrum masters, project managers, and architects. But that's not all. You’ll find among us admins, helpdesk technicians, and deliverability and compliance specialists.


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  • Business & Marketing

    We are marketers, product managers, writers, social media geeks, design wizards, SEO magicians, tech-savvy account managers and challenge-seeking salespeople.


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  • customer success

    We are fast-thinking, customer-oriented multilinguists working as customer support specialists.

  • back office

    We are scrupulous accountants and finance specialists, fast thinking lawyers, resourceful office assistants, and passionate HR specialists.


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We know how to take care of you

We simply listen and learn everyone's needs. That’s the only right way to
create the best working environment you can imagine. And yeah… we too
love to surprise, so you can count on some unexpected extras!

  • High-tech equipment

    You’ll be provided with top-notch equipment, in order for you to excel. You want a state of the art mouse, trendy keyboard, or three displays? You’ve got it!

  • training and courses

    In our quest for excellence, we need to constantly raise the bar. So our team receives professional training and courses, internally and externally. Moreover, we organize team sessions to share knowledge.

  • friendly office space

    We work in a modern business building with large rooms, comfortable chairs, wide desks ... alongside mini basketball hoops, a playstation, and nerf guns.

  • Participation in professional conferences and meetings

    We participate in all kinds of conferences and meetings to share knowledge and experience with professionals from all over the world. In fact, many of us are enthusiastic speakers who are keen on sharing our expertise.

  • Technical library

    When you need extra knowledge to cope with everyday tasks, grab the best in tech reads from our library. Topics range from web design to legal updates. And if you don’t find what you need, we'll order it on demand.

  • Language classes

    Because we’re conquering markets all over the world, GetResponse appreciates superb language skills. So, we provide language courses for those who want to strive for proficiency or learn foreign languages.

  • referral system

    Refer a professional that you think will be a great fit for our company. If your friend is offered a work agreement after the probationary period you will get 4000 PLN net.

  • celebration days

    We love to celebrate important events in the lives of our team members — events such as anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. And we never forget to congratulate new mothers and fathers.

  • Movie nights

    Cinephiles will be delighted with our movie nights. We enjoy the best movie premieres of the year in special private screenings at a nearby cinema - snacks and sodas provided.

  • Events inside and outside

    One of our core values is have fun and play, so expect loads of fun activities: Halloween contests, Christmas parties, Easter egg hunts, and, above all, Integration Weekends – we never miss an opportunity for a good party.

  • Relax room

    During working hours, enjoy our relax room - it’s always open. You can play xBox, foosball, or simply kick back and read your favorite magazine or book on our massage chair.

  • Team days out

    The GetResponse team includes a special group of fun-loving people who delight in spending time together. Our favorite activities include bowling, laser tag, paintball, and simply eating out together.

  • Breakfast and juices

    Each morning we have a nice selection of sandwiches to start the day off right. And we serve freshly pressed fruit and veggie juices daily.

  • Fruit and Cake Day

    On Mondays we enjoy various crispy fresh fruits. And if you have a sweet tooth, we’ll spoil you with cakes on Friday - different ones every week!

  • Lunch subsidies

    We encourage you to take a break from your daily duties for a nourishing lunch. To make sure you eat well, we provide a subsidy whenever you order a takeout lunch or eat out during work hours.

  • Beverages

    If you’re a coffee or tea person, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee or assorted teas.

  • special occasions

    We love sweets and treats, so we constantly look for occasions to munch: pizza day, maple syrup cupcakes, loads of chocolate sweets - YUM!

  • Sport Cards

    To burn of all the calories you get at the office, Sport Cards are available for all team members. Choose from gyms, fitness studios, yoga classes and more.

  • Private Health Care

    We offer private medical health care. All the team members are fully covered. There is also the possibility to receive affordable coverage for your close family members.

  • Sports teams

    Nothing builds the spirit like being part of a great sports team. We have teams for basketball, volleyball, and football. And those who like individual competitions can join GetResponse Power Runners.

  • Corporate life insurance

    We know that a sense of security and stability plays a crucial role in both your professional and private life. Therefore, we fully cover your insurance plan so you can focus on the things that are most important to you.

  • Sporting events

    We appreciate our active sports fans, so we pay all participation fees and provide professional sport outfits whenever our teams participate in sporting events.

  • Active Work Route Bonus

    We believe it pays to be fit. That is why we pay for each kilometer you cycle or jog to work.

  • City Commuter Bonus

    We care for the environment, so if you are willing to choose one the most ecological means of commuting, public transport, we’ll cover your season tickets.