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Increase your sales with automated abandoned cart recovery emails.

About the integration

This small and efficient plugin for WooCommerce saves abandoned carts and integrates with GetResponse to send automated abandoned cart recovery emails and increase your sales.

CartBounty allows to see who abandons your shopping carts and easily get in touch with them.

How does it work?

To integrate CartBounty with GetResponse, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to GetResponse and open Menu > Integrations and API > API and generate your API key
  2. Get back to your store and open up CartBounty Pro GetResponse tab to enter your API key. Save the settings
  3. Select a store (if you do not have any stores, please return to GetResponse and Add a store under Menu > Stores and products) and pick a list from GetResponse that is going to be used to store abandoned cart contacts. If everything is connected, a green checkbox will appear next to all three input fields and a “Force Sync” button will appear
  4. After this go back to your GetResponse account and create your abandoned cart recovery automation


  • GetResponse account
  • CartBounty account


  • Sell online
  • Ecommerce

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