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Smoothly clean your lists from any low-quality and invalid emails.

About the integration

Bouncer’s integration with GetRespone allows you to smoothly clean your lists from any low-quality and invalid emails. This will help you secure your campaign deliverability, improve your engagement rates and lower your campaign costs.

Secure your GetResponse outreach and engagement rates by using integration with Bouncer! Bouncer will identify undeliverable emails within your subscribers, and allow you to easily export your results back to your favorite email marketing platform, so your inbox placement is at the top score!

How does it work?

Connect your GetResponse and Bouncer accounts with your login. Simply log in to your Bouncer account, and go to Verify List tab, click on the tab with our integrations icons, hit GetRespone Import button, and in the pop-up window click on Connect with Login.

Next, you will be redirected to GetResponse authorization page, where you will need to input your GetResponse credentials and allow access.

All done! You can now start verifying your lists of subscribers! 


  • GetResponse account
  • Bouncer account


  • Automate processes
  • Grow your list
  • Other

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