Kenneth Hart

& Swagman Success Story

Kenneth Hart is one of the lucky ones, making a living doing work he is passionate about.
In 2007, he launched Thirsty Swagman, providing an exciting alternative to sightseeing travel for those who enjoy a good night out.

Thirsty Swagman tours are purely party-based. Offerings include their signature round-the-world pub tour, party trips through Europe, Australia and Asia, and the recently created Beer in Space tour. Headquartered in Australia, the company is proud of its origins and believes there's nobody better to show the rest of the world how to have a good party.

1 Customer's Challenge

The challenge at Thirsty Swagman was to create mobile-responsive templates and autoresponders and send them from every place in the world.

Kenneth needed an efficient tool to segment his list for targeted campaigns and to automate his marketing.

Traveling around the world, he needed
a tool that would keep him in constant touch with his subscribers even on the go.

2 The Solution

After the 30-day free trial, Kenneth made up his mind.
GetResponse had all the tools he needed:

Mobile-responsive templates and autoresponder for connecting with his audience from anywhere in the world.

Landing Pages for managing his promotional campaigns and maximizing conversions.

Marketing automation with easy-to-use GetResponse Autoresponders for scheduling emails in a series.

Advanced Segmentation for grouping his contacts and automating his marketing.

The ability to segment our list
into campaigns so easily and automate
much of the marketing was the decision maker.

3 The results

After switching to GetResponse Kenneth noticed huge reduction in time spent on creating newsletters. His overall open rate is between 15 and 20% (above double the average for the travel industry) and click-through rate has improved by about 50%.

Another benefit was that around 50% of his subscribers open newsletters and view his websites on mobile devices. Previously his newsletter simply wasn’t readable on these, now mobile devices account for half the opens and clicks.

I tried it multiple times and it’s absolutely fantastic. The online chat help is brilliant,
I’d say almost every time my queries were answered immediately.
With GetResponseOpen rate +50%
Mobile opening rate previously was near zero, now it accounts for about half of all opens.
  • Mobile opening from 0 to half of all opens
  • Open rate went up by 15 to 20%
  • More than 50% higher CTR

GetResponse has helped Kenneth reduce the time spent on email marketing. The open rate for mobile devices has increased from zero to around 50% of all opened emails. His overall open rate jumped to 20%, which is more than double the average for the travel industry.

Kenneth is implementing other GetResponse features including Web Forms and Landing Pages. He values the simplicity of creating and managing them. It takes him minutes to create beautiful Landing Pages and Web Forms, and he doesn’t need IT support.

And best of all, Kenneth can get help from anywhere in the world, thanks to GetResponse 24/7 live chat.

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