Boosts open rates
by 300% in 60 days

The benefits are crystal; I put things on autopilot
and never have to look at them again.
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How did GetResponse help The Residual Entrepreneur?

I tried several email marketing services before and, hands down, GetResponse was the one for me. Since I started using GetResponse my open rate improved by 300%.
The benefits are crystal; I put things on autopilot and never have to look at them again. The list grows, the functionality works, and the process does exactly what it’s designed to do… set it and forget it.

Finally, what really won me over is GetResponse Customer support. It differs in the sense that you guys are pleased to talk to us. I know you actually care about us. You tend to reach out and make sure we are happy, and quite often. When I see an email from you guys, I smile :)

About the customer

Michael Simpson Jr.

Owner Michael Simpson Jr. is a busy person. Living in Los Angeles, he spends much of his time acting, writing, singing and producing.

Michael founded his business, The Residual Entrepreneur, to serve young entertainers and other imaginative people. He helps them apply their talents by going into business for themselves. They learn online marketing and how to tap the power of product creation and product reselling.


As The Residual Entrepreneur grew, Michael wanted to grow his subscriber list, keep in touch with existing subscribers, and offer tips and products.

He needed an efficient email marketing platform that would save time and boost marketing performance.
Michael had tried several email service providers, but none was a good fit for his business.

The solution

Michael decided to look for a new provider. Here’s what he wanted:

  1. Autoresponders for building long-term relationships with readers.
  2. A service that could deliver what they advertised.
  3. A user-friendly tool for preparing and scheduling emails in advance.
  4. Instant support for his fast-paced business.

He tried GetResponse and found all the features he was looking for, and the customer service he needed.

When I see an email from you guys,
I smile :-)

The results

After switching to GetResponse for less than 60 days, The Residual Entrepreneur saw a significant improvement
in open rates and deliverability. Clients now receive a consistent stream of autoresponders with relevant information.

Michael’s results speak for themselves:

With GetResponse 24/7 Live Chat Support, Michael gets problems solved and queries answered within minutes. He no longer worries about delays in communicating with his readers.

It now takes Michael minutes to create autoresponders. He prepares them once a month and doesn’t have to think about them later.

The open rate has increased by 300% and is still growing.

He has improved communication with his audience. Michael’s email list is growing, and so is his email engagement.

A true-to-life communication with my users. Being able to just reach them at all is a miracle, but for it to be this easy is almost a sin.

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