How a Social Media Startup
Converted 50% of leads
with GetResponse

Social media marketing and monitoring startup, MySocialMedia, helps businesses score more fans,
followers, and customers. CEO George Louvis needed to find a platform that could help it grow in the same way.
Building a new company in the crowded tech industry can be tough – but switching to GetResponse was a breeze.


  • Lead generation
  • Increase conversions


  • 50% more lead conversions
  • 20% average open rate

Running a newly created startup company in the tech industry can be very tough.
From building a unique, user-friendly product to getting your first customers,
things may get really complicated. Why did MySocialMediaUSA CEO choose
GetResponse to help them take the very first steps?

I was so frustrated with my previous email marketing software that I figured I would give GetResponse a try. At that time, I was taking one of their courses on email marketing. Between what I was learning, the excellent customer support when I had questions, and the beautiful templates, it really was a no-brainer to get all my clients out of the previous software and switch them to GetResponse.

George LouvisMySocialMediaUSA CEO

Simple, intuitive, and quick to set up

Every startup CEO is a jack of all trades – taking on every task from admin and technology setup, to sales and marketing. So Louvis needed a smart email marketing solution that was quick and simple to set up.  With GetResponse, MySocialMedia was up and running in no time, thanks to user-friendly list imports, predesigned templates and forms.

”It was super easy, I imported my lists from the other services, and designed new signup forms and my first couple of newsletters in one day. Within a week, I had a 30-day autoresponder program set up and ready to go! I’d say its biggest asset is the ease of use.”

George LouvisMySocialMediaUSA CEO

Automation saves time, to get more done

Like most startup CEOs, Louvis was taking on more responsibilities with less time to get everything done. So he implemented marketing automation to optimize the customer journey:

“Automation is my favorite feature. I love being able to direct what email someone receives based on the actions they took with a previous email. And by automating the process, I can have my marketing and sales process going 24/7, even when I'm not working!”

George LouvisMySocialMediaUSA CEO

Closing more deals

The startup’s primary goal was to grow its customer base. To do that, the MySocialMedia team experimented with different marketing channels to optimize the sales process. Once they started using  email marketing for lead generation, it became the most efficient part of the funnel.

“As part of this process, MySocialMedia offers one client a free eBook followed by 10 informational emails, five of which invite them to request a quote. The startup is now able to close around 50% of leads who take that action.

We also found that by offering the free eBook, we end up quoting 1.75% of our website visitors. Before switching to GetResponse, it was less than 0.75%. So we now get more sales without spending any more money on marketing.”

George LouvisMySocialMediaUSA CEO

This workflow is an example of a quick lead nurturing campaign based on user engagement. MySocialMedia team automatically sends a promotional email only once the previous one was opened or clicked. That way, only contact users who open and read their emails, moving the leads up through the funnel.

A firm fan of GetResponse

Louvis says GetResponse solved all this challenges, so he could enjoy easy, seamless communication with clients and prospects.

“No other platform combines the ease of use, beautiful, useful templates, excellent signup forms, and automation in one platform with such great pricing. There really is no comparison – and noone I've encouraged to change has ever gone back to their old platform.

George LouvisMySocialMediaUSA CEO


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