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“Using GetResponse was revolutionary in our business.” Mark Anastasi

When Mark Anastasi founded Inspired Marketing Group in 2004, he established a mission: We Elevate The Quality of Life and Financial Wellbeing Of Our Clients.

He started his business by selling ebooks through Now his book, "Laptop Millionaire", is 
a #1 New York Times bestseller that has propelled him into a career as a highly sought-after speaker and coach.

“When I launched my seminar company in the U.K. in 2005, we needed a robust system for managing our email list and seminar attendees lists, and the choices were GetResponse or AWeber. GetResponse was the system recommended to me by my mentors.”

Mark Anastasi


Mark was looking for a way to automate his email marketing and get the most return from his efforts.

“I used ACT Database and ListMailPRO in our early days, but they were too slow (you practically had to sit there and do the mailing out manually), unreliable, and displayed poor delivery rates. Using GetResponse was revolutionary in our business.”


Mark keeps a close eye on statistics for opens and click-throughs, to stay focused on what is and isn't working in his marketing.

“The power of being able to click ‘Send’ and communicate with 50,000 people at will … is truly spectacular leverage.”

This leverage frees up valuable time and resources for Mark, who is always trying to make the most efficient use of his time.

For the past 4 years, GetResponse email marketing has allowed Mark's company to spend less than $20,000 per year on marketing and generate over $1 million per year in sales.


When Mark began using GetResponse in 2005, they built up a mailing list of 6,000 people interested in personal development. Even though that year brought only $220,000 in sales, the mailing list proved to be extremely valuable.

In 2006, without spending any money on marketing and by simply staying in touch with their list through GetResponse, they generated over $1.8 million in revenue promoting live seminars to subscribers and clients.

Today Mark is living his dream. He has harnessed the power of the Internet and now coaches and inspires others to do the same.

“Since 2005, we have generated over $7.5 million in revenue simply from mailing our list.”


When Mark reaches out for help with his account, he receives personalized, caring support.

“Over the years I’ve dealt with GetResponse’s customer support department a handful of times, and I’ve always marveled at their excellence. First class! I find that their agents try to get the best result for the customer instead of only focusing on the company’s earnings objectives (they put the customer first).”


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