Success Story

Henry Diaz

Moving to GetResponse resulted in a fourfold increase in open rates and 46% increase in clicks

“Thanks to tips and tricks provided by the GetResponse
Support Team, I was thrilled to see such an increase
in my click-through rate” - Henry Diaz

“Choosing GetResponse is the best decision I could have made for my business. In the past I was working with two other autoresponder services,
and the experience commonly left me frustrated and feeling as though my time was being wasted.
I also faced problems in the analytics and tracking they were able to provide. This all changed when
I gave GetResponse a shot.

My time is very important to me, and the first thing
I noticed after the switch was how much time
I saved by utilizing the intuitive interface.
Secondly and equal importance is the quality. The quality
I feel that I am getting for my money is incredible. The platform is smooth, user-friendly,
and on top of that, beautiful.” - Henry Diaz

About the Customer

Henry Diaz is a self-proclaimed artist and “Freedom-preneur” who helps clients turn their passion into a career. He knows how it feels to spend your days in a job you aren't passionate about, so his mission is to help others make a living doing what they love.

Through his business, Stepping into Freedom, Henry coaches people on how to reach their goals. He teaches them to develop habits and routines that enable them to use their time efficiently.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. People from all walks of life have worked with Henry to learn how to use those hours to move toward a future they're excited about.

“My mission is to share the knowledge I've gained with others who aren't yet living their dream, to help make it a reality for them.”  - Henry Diaz

Customer’s Challenge

Henry wanted to keep his clients engaged with educational and motivational materials.
His challenge was to find an easy, effective way to stay in touch consistently through direct, personal messages.

Henry attempted to keep up with each client manually, but this quickly became unsustainable. He tested other email marketing providers but was unable to find the mix of features he needed to run effective email marketing campaigns.

The Solution

With GetResponse, Henry knew he had found a place to call home – a place where
he could achieve his email marketing goals. GetResponse had the tools and ease
of use he was looking for:

Landing Pages

for creating great-looking squeeze pages fast

A/B Testing

for identifying subjects lines that resonated
with his subscribers

Autoresponder 2.0

with the power to automate his engagement campaigns and the flexibility to send immediate newsletters to individual clients

“Because my business is all about managing time effectively
– the first thing I noticed when using GetResponse was how much time
I saved while completing the tasks for my email marketing campaigns.
This and their low-cost strategy got me hooked.”

Henry Diaz

The Results

GetResponse has helped Henry automate his client engagement program and save his most valuable asset – time. The open rates for his messages quadrupled.

His click rate increased by 46%, which verified that his clients were engaging with this messages.

Best of all, GetResponse 24/7 support takes care of his marketing, so Henry can focus on his work as a Freedom-preneur.


“Speed of response is the name of the support game for me, and GetResponse support is really fast. On top of that, they are kind and knowledgable, which makes it a pleasant experience, even if I am reaching out about an issue I'm having.” - Henry Diaz

Henry has started using other GetResponse features to optimize his results, including web forms and social media integrations. He loves the idea that his clients can spread the word about his messages on social media, from inside the message itself.

“Quality is the word I keep coming back to when referring to GetResponse. It is a quality product at an affordable price for those just starting out in the email marketing world.” - Henry Diaz

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