Success Story – Shirley George Frazier

Shirley saw heropen rates soar to 62%among the highest open rates in her niche.

GetResponse has exceeded my expectations
in the same manner I strive to meet those of my clients.

Shirley George Frazier

Open rates soared to


Click rates soared to


Revenues increased


Bounces & complaints decreased by

“Those numbers are huge in my niche industry and, without a doubt, much higher than anyone else in my industry is experiencing.”

The benefit of using GetResponse is best stated in three words: I save time! My subscribers receive information each week or month depending on the list they've chosen. In either case, there's a menu for every GetResponse newsletter that allows me to re-issue a customized update rather than create a brand new version. This helps me build my brand through an appearance that subscribers recognize, and that increases their positive response to my offerings.”

About the Customer provides products, services, and support to retailers who are starting and growing a gift basket business or adding a gift basket component to an existing business.

Shirley has never been a person who was comfortable working at a traditional company. Even though that's how her work life began, she was always a rebel who knew that her exit from each firm would happen sooner rather than later. In addition, entrepreneurship was a family tradition, including a great-grandmother who grew strawberries in Virginia and shipped the produce to New York City in the early 1900s.

After researching many types of businesses, she decided in 1990 to combine her business training with creative endeavors to start a gift basket business.

“All of this set the foundation for the entrepreneurial lifestyle I enjoy today as an author, business mentor, professional speaker, and gift basket industry advisor.” – Shirley George Frazier

The Challenge

Shirley says consumers always ask two questions: Do you have a website? And do you have a mailing list?

“With those questions, they are asking to stay in touch with you, so it's vitally important to launch and maintain an email marketing component to connect with them on a regular basis.” – Shirley George Frazier

For Shirley, there was never a question of whether email marketing would be part of her business. Rather the question was: which one program would be her ally?

The Solution

Shirley tried other email marketing services and found their interfaces confusing. She could not find a comfort zone and was unable to create sales letters and newsletters for her audience in a reasonable amount of time.

As a busy entrepreneur, Shirley could not dedicate an entire day to figuring out how to structure messages templates to achieve the open rates she wanted. She needed a program that was immediately understandable, without a steep learning curve.

She searched for a new program and, in 2010, found GetResponse.

“The trial period worked out well, and I saw quick benefits for my business in terms of open rates and higher revenue. GetResponse fit the bill and has exceeded my expectations in the same manner I strive to meet those of my clients.” – Shirley George Frazier

Her favorite features are email creator, integrations, and web forms. The web forms were especially useful for duplication. And her membership site,, benefits from the integrations.

“Another difference is GetResponse's pricing, which is incredibly affordable for the number of people who subscribe to my lists. Pricing is another area that I've found to be confusing in other programs. That's not true here.” – Shirley George Frazier

Customer-Centric 5-Star Support

Instead of the usual dread when calling a customer support department, she knows that when calling GetResponse her dilemma will be swiftly resolved.

When she had a problem with an integration within her membership site, GetResponse stayed on the phone to help her detect the problem then followed up and fixed the integration. It saved her time and frustration.

“The service itself truly sets GetResponse apart. If I call a representative, which doesn't occur often, the person hears my problem fully before moving forward with solutions. I appreciate that. I'm not hurried off the phone, and at the end of the conversation, the problem is solved so I can continue marketing.” – Shirley George Frazier

The Results

For Shirley, the time she saves using GetResponse is a true indicator of her success. The web forms prove useful for delivering information to prospects who join her VIP Programs.

“My private membership program,, gets a huge boost in traffic thanks to the autoresponders, weekly newsletter updates, and notifications sent to members numerous times each month. That's where the forms and templates play a big part in keeping interest in the program high.” – Shirley George Frazier