Wilson Lau


“I have managed to create an effective email marketing strategy and to build a business all around the world.”

Wilson Lau is an ambitious young entrepreneur in Singapore. Early in life he discovered principles that help people achieve personal success and make their mark on the world.

He founded RicheMinds.com to help others develop the untapped potential of their minds. Using resources available on his site, his customers learn to channel their thoughts in a positive direction and get rid of the negative tendencies that hinder them.

Wilson uses digital publishing to spread knowledge about personal development, so his readers can tap their full potential and reach new levels of growth.

Wilson Lau

It’s been 14 months since I started
with GetResponse and so far, the results
have been tremendous.

—Wilson Lau

The Challenge

Wilson needed a content distribution strategy that would enable him to reach new customers and provide relevant content to existing customers.

Because his business is international, he needed to deliver the right message at the right time in every time zone. He knew this would require an effective email marketing tool.

“I’ve tried many other email marketing services, but only GetResponse offers a geographical location tracking that lets me see the country of each and every individual lead. I found it to be useful for tracking purposes.”

The Solution

Wilson discovered that GetResponse provides everything he needs for
effective email marketing.

Email Creator

1. Email Creator

Wilson uses the drag-and-drop interface to create great-looking newsletters by starting from scratch or customizing a template. With the Time Travel feature he can send each email at a specific local time in every time zone.

Web Forms

2. Web Forms

He chooses a sign-up template then customizes it using the intuitive interface. The form can be placed on any website by copying and pasting
a snippet of code. He uses Web Forms to turn visitors into subscribers and serve as a gateway to downloads, high-value content, and all types of landing pages.


3. Integrations

The GetResponse application programming interface (API) makes it easy to consolidate contacts from social media, contact management systems,
e-commerce platforms, and more. Now Wilson can deliver email offers and content to all of his contacts.

I have managed to broadcast
over 100 emails successfully to my list
and create a sustainable income.

—Wilson Lau

The Results

Wilson uses GetResponse Email Creator, Web forms and various integrations. Now he can finally segment subscribers from every part of the world.

After 14 months of using GetResponse, Wilson Lau’s RicheMinds.com has achieved a 230% increase in clickthrough ratio. This was a significant improvement that allowed him to reach over twice as many clients. That means he can help more people develop their full potential and achieve their goals.

Thanks to GetResponse Wilson has built an email marketing strategy that is growing his business worldwide.

Click-through rate graph

+230% CTR*

*click-through rate

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