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Relationship Headquarters offers advice to women from a man’s point of view. Their target customers are seeking the relationship of their dreams and need insights on dating, love and marriage.

CEO Bob Grant communicates with his female audience using email to encourage deeper engagement and follow-up purchases.

Here’s how GetResponse helped him reach his audience and drive sales.

“We began asking peers in our industry who they recommended. The consensus was GetResponse as the best choice for companies that actually make their living using email marketing.”
Founder & CEO of Relationship Headquarters

The Challenges

Some readers decide to purchase online advice programs immediately after visiting the website. But most need time before deciding to buy. So more than 70% of sales come from email marketing campaigns to existing customers and new prospects. Email marketing is the main revenue driver for Bob Grant and, as the business grew, he began to notice weaknesses in his existing email marketing provider:

Declining open rates

Bob discovered that declining open rates, despite highly engaged subscribers and low complaint rates, were caused by their current ESP, who had Relationship Headquarters on a shared server with a spammer.

Sub-optimal delivery

All emails were sent at the same time to customers in different timezones. Messages reached some subscribers at 7:00 AM and others at 7:00 PM. Without optimized delivery times, open rates declined further.

Costly customer support

Bob Grant approached their email marketing service providers for help. Unfortunately he was required to pay extra for them to address these and other problems. These fees were in addition to their monthly fee.

The Results

With a reliable email marketing platform and optimized deliverability, Relationship Headquarters had the confidence to ramp up their marketing budget.

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