Barry Feldman achieves up to 46.34% unique open rate with GetResponse

Barry Feldman operates Feldman Creative, providing content marketing consulting, copywriting, and creative direction services. Since 1995, his company has helped thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs increase traffic, leads, and sales.

Barry Feldman


  • Increase lead magnet conversion
  • Implement marketing automation

Favourite features

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Marketing Automation
  • Forms
  • Landing Pages


  • lead magnet conversion increase
  • unique open rate increase
  • unique CTR increase
lead magnet
unique open rate
unique CTR

Barry is a true content marketing specialist who helps his clients plan and execute content strategies. His customers vary by size and product category. Most offer software and services, and many offer marketing technologies.

Barry was named one of 25 Social Media Marketing Experts You Need to Know by LinkedIn. Since he is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on using content marketing to grow a business, he needed an all-in-one platform that would help him interact with his loyal fans and continually capture more and more followers.

Here’s how he achieved that goal with GetResponse:

Forms and landing pages for lead generation

Technology makes it much easier to run the business online. But in the end, it’s the user experience that creates the unique value. ”I suppose now and then I get informal feedback about how people like my emails, but really, most of the feedback relates to how they like the content. That’s the important thing,” says Barry. ”If the conversation becomes about the technology you use to deliver content, chances are it’s not going to be good feedback. You want your clients to have a good experience,” he says.


Advanced analytics for better performance

Since Barry was primarily looking for the growth of his email list and the conversion rates his tactics produce, he needed advanced analytics to view his campaign performance at a glance. ”The analytics and reporting systems make it very simple to assess what is and isn’t working,” says Feldman. As a matter of fact, his best open rates reach up to 46.34% and CTRs 10.57%!

Best of all, Barry states that his campaign performance is continually improving. ”GetResponse enables you to experiment endlessly and make the necessary refinements,” says Feldman. ”I’ve experienced times when my lead magnet offers have converted at 5% or higher. That’s remarkable – and gratifying,” he adds.

User-friendly marketing automation

While creating some valuable content for GetResponse, Barry decided to dig in and learn as much as he could about the platform. ”I loved what I saw!” he says.

”I invested almost a year with a popular solution that I had to give up on because it was too clunky and difficult to master,” says Feldman. ”I was on the phone with support nearly every time I tried to do anything and was usually disappointed with the experience. GetResponse has made my foray into marketing automation muuuuuch easier and more rewarding,” he says.

GetResponse offers an intuitive marketing automation tool that’s accessible for any self-starter. ”I’m satisfied. The product doesn’t make you want to say ‘to hell with automation’, as most do,” states Feldman.

Create the best user experience

Barry continually explores new ways to grow his subscriber base. His favorite technique is to create and promote lead magnets, such as free ebooks. He says GetResponse provides killer pop-ups, landing pages, and forms that help him create and promote the content very quickly.

”One aspect that shines within GetResponse is lead capture. GetResponse provides an amazing selection of tools that make it easy to offer, promote, and deliver value-added content such as ebooks and guides,” says Barry.

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