How jazz musician

Rocks email
marketing on
the road

Saxophonist, composer, charismatic bandleader

and passionate teacher Alex Terrier dedicates his life to jazz. A musician on the move, he uses GetResponse to keep in touch with fans and students while touring the globe.

We had a large customer base that was not very engaged with our emails. We determined we could improve by sending emails based on their very specific interests and needs, rather than blanketing all customers with the same content. We chose to work with GetResponse because we needed an automated marketing tool that was easy to use and could handle our rapidly growing customer base.

Here's how
GetResponse helps:

Automating a flawless composition

Alex is a true entrepreneur who turned his passion for music into a full-time business. He teaches music lessons on YouTube, and uses GetResponse marketing automation to promote his courses and build engagement.

The automation workflow is pretty awesome. I like that messages can be sent automatically after someone takes a specific action."

Here’s how the automation workflow unfolds:
A subscriber clicks a link in a newsletter to a free lesson on YouTube. Since Alex can assume they are interested in learning music or improving their skills, he then sends an automated message the next day with an offer to join an online course.

Using scoring points, Alex can segment subscribers to see who opened the offer email and clicked the link. He can then reach those same people with future relevant promotions.


Segmentation hits the right note

Jazz might be all about improvisation, but email marketing is more like conducting an orchestra. Specific notes (email messages) are assigned to suit each section and instrument (audience segments). If the orchestra were to play the same notes at the same time, the composition (content) would be a mess – and its meaning would get lost in the chaos.

Segmentation ensures each recipient receives the message they want to hear – the way they want to hear it.

When I send an email to a specific segment, I get 50-75% open rate. When I send a message to all my contacts at once, it can drop down to 30%. I track mainly the open rates, clicks and unsubscribes. I think these are pretty healthy numbers. Of course, I always want to have a better open rate and most importantly a higher click rate."

More time to unwind

Long days on the road, back-to-back concerts, late nights…the life of a musician can be demanding. But GetResponse helps Alex strike a balance between work and life.

Clearly, I couldn't do everything I do without a service like GetResponse. Being a musician, I travel a lot, and all the automation I have in place saves me a lot of time. Although fairly easy to use, I can always count on the chat support 24/7 whenever I need help, which is pretty awesome!"


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