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Spencer, simplespencer.com

In a nutshell, I almost lost my email marketing business completely…My open rates were dropping like crazy and my double opt-in subscribers were telling me "I'm not receiving your emails anymore". I needed to find a solution… I've heard good things about GetResponse open rates. It has totally turned around my business. I mean it literally saved it. My emails are now getting sent, and what is more important my emails are now getting opened… My recommendation is GetResponse.

Watch Spencer explain why GetResponse saved his business

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Email Creator

I write a newsletter and when the writing part is finished, 60 seconds later the newsletter is sent out to a targeted segment. How quick and easy was that!Konsti, coachdrague.com

Webform Creator

Recently I used the GetResponse Web Forms wizard to create an opt-in form. It was a breeze to use,and literally within minutes I had the new form installed.Peter King, mediaserverreviews.com

Email Analytics

I LOVE how you can see the actual person who is opening,not opening,or clicking on your links inside the email and email the groups that are or aren't opening the emails.Josh Hayles, homebuyersvault.com


The Customer Service is Amazing! I really appreciated that phone call I received the day after I joined,just letting me know that you guys are always there to support me.Laura Seabrook, lauraseabrook.com


The other feature I really like is being able to link your blog updates to your newsletters which adds content for your subscribers! That way you can automatically notify your subscribers whenever you have posted a new blog entry. GetResponse makes the work so much easier! Shen-Li Lee, figur8.net

Android App

I've downloaded the Android App and been using it for a day or 2 and i think you guys did a really great job with the app. It gives me all the stats i need for my campaigns, autoresponders and newsletters and it is super fast. The UI is also great. So I just wanted to congratulate you guys on that. Really glad I made the switch from Aweber. Roberto Munoz, incomemktg.com

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