Reactive Marketing Lookbook – #Movember


It’s that time of the year again! Razors all over the world have been dropped, beard oils have been purchased, the sound of facial hair growing has begun. In other words – welcome to Movember!

In case you don’t know what Movember is, it’s a tradition begun by the Movember Foundation which raises awareness for men’s health. Basically – men don’t shave all of November and raise money! Last year we wrote about the essence of this month, from the rules all the way to leaderboards.

This year we want to turn your attention to the various ways that different brands, companies, and individuals engage is this campaign. Besides the fact that it’s a great cause, it generates enormous feedback and engagement from people. Moreover this year, the Movember Foundation decided to broaden their horizon by turning out attention to another big issue in men’s health – lack of movement.

Broadening the cause gives the campaign more traction. Not only are men able to grow fuzz and move, the ladies are also able to raise money by staying active. Brands are now more eager to take part and engage, making this campaign spread like fire.

Let’s take a look at some of the best examples of brands that are taking this opportunity to take part in reactive marketing with Movember.



Twitter is a platform where people share a lot about themselves, more so than on Facebook people are not afraid to talk about their every thought. Now, because Movember is a sort of narcissistic event in its right (I mean, it is about admiring your own fuzzy face caterpillar) guys are not afraid to spam up the #movember tag. Plus, we like to follow celebrities, our favorite magazines, or channels on Twitter – it’s the perfect place to see what they came up with!

Socialbakers created a handy infographic for Movember 2014 showing just how much engagement and new followers this event brings, just look at the excerpt of Twitter statistics:


Here are a few great Movember conversation starters for Twitter:

1. Star Wars UK


 2. Cleveland Cavaliers



3. Le Tour de France

4. DJ Waldow



5. Comedy Central UK




Facebook generates a lot of conversations, socialbakers gathered some astounding facts about Movember Facebook campaigns:


Some great examples of Facebok Movember undertakings:

1. Movember Foundation

The great things about the Movember Foundation is that it not only posted catchy content (hey, they even reached out to the ladies!) but that it also created lots of valuable content. Images are great for catching the eye, but they work even better when you have relevant content to go along with it. Sharing inspiring stories makes the Movember Foundation even more likable.


And something for the ladies too!



2. Speedo

Speedo not only posted pictures, but it also partnered up with MF to create a swimming app. There is also a fun video involved, check it out here. Not only does Speedo catch peoples attention and raise awareness, it also promotes an app that will get swimmers more involved with their brand.



3. Carlsberg

This is my personal favorite, not because I like beer but because of the elegant and creative campaign. Carlsberg created beauty products for beards (wait for it) with beer in them! Now, this following video appeared on their Facebook page and it collected over 600 shares as of yet!

What’s more, to keep the momentum going, Carlsberg made sure to create images that not only look appealing but speak to both the gents and the ladies, put together the images collected over 2000 likes and 200 shares. Interestingly enough, the “sistas” images had very little engagement compared to “Shave responsibly.”



Catching the wave

Collecting mustaches = Collecting engagement. It’s a simple formula that the internet seems to follow. You may not have a team of bro’s with mo’s in your office. However, you can get excited with the world by showing off pictures of other honorable ‘staches!

Get your customers talking, write a blog post about the greatest mustaches in the biz (Steve Jobs had a mustache at one point!) as a source of inspiration. EveningStandard embraced the Movember craze by compiling Great Sporting Mustaches. International Business Times made a list of 7 Rules And Guidelines To Grow A Successful Mustache.

The GetResponse bros and sistas are growing and moving too!


How are you planning on getting your Movember reactive marketing going? Share your ideas, stories, and thoughts in the comments below! And if you’re looking for other Holiday inspiration (and our fancy cutout mustache) download our free Holiday Guide!

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