Premium Marketing Toolkit to Help You Achieve Your Business Goals
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Premium Marketing Toolkit to Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Marketing trends change at the speed of light. Lead acquisition, increasing conversions, engaging your audience, research, and optimization… How to be effective in all these activities without hiring an army of specialists? Choose the right tools that will improve your marketing performance!

GetResponse partnered up with great companies, offering complementary services, and created a Marketing Toolkit with exclusive discounts up to 50%! This unique set of tools aims at helping marketers achieve their goals and facilitate their work. From video marketing, webinars, email verification, live chat, quizzes, email templates, and A/B tests, to research and optimization – you will find it all in the Premium Marketing Toolkit.


ClickMeeting is a browser-based platform for online meetings and webinars including real-time video and audio for the look and feel of in-person meetings.

The platform comes with a wide array of interactive features e.g. presentation tool for slideshows; uploader for images, videos, and documents; whiteboard; real-time screen sharing and remote desktop for online demos; online polling, testing, and moderated chat for instant feedback.

ClickMeeting allows you to fully customize online meeting or webinar experiences, so meeting room, agenda, invitations, registration, or thank-you pages, match customer corporate branding. Users can also gain access to advanced API to connect their in-house application, CRM, or CMS with ClickMeeting and manage meetings without leaving their system.

Who’s it for?

ClickMeeting is great for industries such as education and e-learning, healthcare and pharmacy, HR and recruiting, sales and marketing, IT, real estate, financial services, or nonprofits. Companies can use webinars to educate customers, generate leads, attract new contacts, sell products and services, train employees, and confer with their team. ClickMeeting has more than 12,000 satisfied customers in 190 countries including: Apple, Sony, Siemens, Uber, Harvard Business Review, National Geographic.

Why will you love it?

The platform has everything users need for online interaction and collaboration, with features designed to help fully engage with partners, prospects, and customers. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, enabling people to schedule and run events in a few quick steps.

Customer Service

LiveHelpNow is a customer service software suite with a multiple help-desk features including: Live Chat, Email/Ticket Management, a Knowledge Base, and Call Management. LiveHelpNow allows you to engage with the visitors on your site, just as you would in a physical store, increasing sales, and offering superior support.

Who’s it for?

LiveHelpNow is a cloud platform designed to scale to any size business, from startups to enterprises.

Why will you love it?

It is the most customizable chat platform on the market. The operator panel collects valuable data about each or your website visitors and allows you to design your own custom use cases for the data. Offer sales incentives, target repeat visitors, or create specific automated processes that are customized to your business needs.

LiveHelpNow’s has over 2,500 features, including: real time visitor monitoring, mobile for iPhone and Android, landline texting, performance metrics, customizable surveys, customer sentiment analysis, instant language translation, Twitter integration, countless third party integrations, and a free 30 day trial.

Research & Optimization

VWO is a powerful, connected conversion optimization platform that simplifies research-focused optimization for more wins. With capabilities like heatmaps, visitor recordings, surveys, form analytics, and so on, VWO encapsulates the elements of A/B testing and research tools in one platform, to let users drive an intelligent and repeatable optimization process. 

Who’s it for?

VWO is ideal for fast growing online businesses who want to continuously improve conversions from their website.

Why will you love it?

VWO’s connected environment, its data-driven approach and the ability to produce intelligent results is what you’ll truly fall in love with. With VWO, you can easily track and analyze visitor behaviour across your website, plan your tests, and run targeted campaigns to improve conversions.


iSpionage is a competitive intelligence tool for search marketing campaigns that makes it easy to download your competitors’ top PPC keywords, SEO terms, ads, and landing pages. iSpionage’s database includes 92,000,000+ keywords, 108,000,000+ ad copy variations, 45,000,000+ domains, giving advertisers access to a wealth of competitive intelligence data to help them make smarter strategic decisions.

Who’s it for?

iSpionage is perfect for any PPC campaign—from small to medium sized businesses looking to learn from larger advertisers to enterprise companies who need a competitive advantage for their PPC marketing campaigns. By nature, PPC campaigns are highly competitive, which is why businesses need iSpionage in their corner so they can make more money with AdWords.

Why will you love it?

It provides access to a nearly unlimited amount of competitive intelligence data that will help you to find profitable keywords faster, write ad copy that stands out and gets clicked, and boost conversions by optimizing your landing pages. From keywords to ad copy to landing pages, nobody offers better competitive intelligence data than iSpionage.

Brand 24 offers a beautifully designed and easy to use social CRM and social monitoring application, which empowers brands to get real-time customer insights and actionable intelligence relevant to their products, brands, competitors, and topics of interest. It tracks all public online mentions across multiple social media platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, forums, and news sites.

Brand24 helps businesses to protect their image and prevent potential crises, offers an opportunity to reach brand ambassadors or prospect customers while identifying sales leads, improves social customer service, helps in targeting partners and sponsors, as well as media and influencers for PR purposes. The dashboard provides access to unique social analytics, such as: influencer analysis, sentiment analysis, customized PDF reports, and infographics, online as well as via instant email or mobile app alerts.

Who’s it for?

Thousands of brands of all sizes across all industries use Brand24 in their everyday operations – from large enterprises like H&M, Uber, IKEA, Vichy, and Samsung, through all types of agencies, including PR, social media, marketing, and interactive agencies, to small and medium business owners: startups, doctors, shop and restaurant owners, eBay sellers, etc. Brand24 caters to all of them.

Why will you love it?

It provides reliable, fast, and cost-effective results. Nowadays 80% of consumers do online research before making a buying decision. Brand24 provides listening tool to find these leads, identify where to promote products, and find customers before they find you!

Small and medium business owners can leverage social listening to generate a value just as easy. Business owners all over the world are in need of learning what people say about their products and services online.


Interact is a platform for creating quizzes to generate leads. The platform integrates with GetResponse so you can follow up with your leads in a personalized way based on their actual personalities. In a practical sense what that means is that you can use quizzes to engage your audience on social media, generate leads, and then those leads will be handled by GetResponse, which you already know how to do. Interact quizzes feed the top of your marketing funnel.

Who’s it for?

Businesses Selling Digital Products, Ecommerce, Non-Profits, and SAAS Companies, but can be adapted to most B2C applications. There are really two types of quizzes that work well:

  1. The personality quiz, which is some variation of “Which (blank) are you?” so for example, “What Kind of Marketer Are You?”
  2. An assessment, so for example, “How Much Do You Really Know About Marketing?”

If you can adapt to one of those two types of quizzes then Interact can work for you.

Why will you love it?

It’s like connecting a Buzzfeed quiz with an opt-in form! This is amazing because quizzes have the ability to generate leads from the social web, a space that’s historically been a tough nut to crack. By combining the share-ability of quizzes with the practical value of capturing leads, you can design an experience that is beneficial to both you as the company and to the quiz taker as well.


Wistia is a video hosting company for businesses. With detailed analytics, including engagement graphs and individual viewer heatmaps, the Wistia application can help you measure and improve your video efforts. Wistia also allows you to fully customize your video player, so that you can control how it looks, feels, and functions on your website. Lastly, Wistia provides you with post and pre-roll calls to action, video SEO tools, closed captioning, social sharing options, and other features that will drive traffic to your business’s website.

Who’s it for?

Wistia is for marketers who want to leverage video to sell more or make a personal connection with customers and audience members. It serves both B2B and B2C companies of all sizes. We have big customers like Tiffany & Co and small customers like B&Bs or solopreneurs launching a product.

Why will you love it?

It lets you put video on your website in a more attractive way than a basic YouTube embed. Plus, you can see analytics about who’s watching and what they rewatch or skip. You can also collect leads from within the video itself and pipe these leads into Marketo and most other major email service providers.


Email Templates 

Email Uplers is a specialized award-winning email design and coding company, delivering over 2500 custom email templates to 3000+ customers globally. Monks are proud of delivering flawless HTML emails that successfully render across all major email clients. They use a mix of manual and automated testing through Litmus / Email On Acid to provide your subscribers a unified experience.

Who’s it for?

Monks support a number of GetResponse customers in designing & coding custom emails, newsletters, and landing page templates for their campaigns. Monks’ clients include brans like Disney, National Geography, Oracle. Monks also offer white labeled services to agencies, working as their preferred behind the scene partner.

Why will you love it?

The 24/7 customer support makes it easy to get help when you really need it. They provide interactive email coding including Menus, Sliders, Accordions and they’re great for Retina, GIF, and video emails. Other great features include: 40+ email client compatibility, 8 hours quickest TAT, Litmus tested code, and white labelled opportunities.

Email Verification

Email verification from BriteVerify is the solution to old, stale email lists. BriteVerify’s self-service verification tools will help you identify which emails to include in your next campaign to deliver the most effective results possible.

Who’s it for?

BriteVerify is great for anyone suffering from deliverability issues, low IP/Sender score, or who has a high number of stale or fraudulent email addresses within their capture points or CRM.

Why will you love it?

The process is simple, just create a BriteVerify account, import your email list, and we’ll guide you through the verification process.  In minutes, you’ll be ready to export your valid emails and send your next campaign. And with no contracts, minimum charges, or setup fees, you’ll only pay for what you need and nothing more. 

What do you think?

Phew! That’s quite a lot of choices and tools to pick from. Think of the tools you could benefit from most and start achieving your marketing goals for 2016 with discounts exclusive for GetResponse fans.

Can you recommend any online tools that we could add to the Marketing Toolkit? Please share them in the comments below!

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