Online Marketing Growth Tactics for Small Business
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Online Marketing Growth Tactics for Small Business

Every new business or old must know how to attract customers in order to become successful. The most essential part of marketing is learning about your customers’ wants and needs, and products and services which meet their requirements.

Every good marketer knows how to stay a step ahead of the new trends and curves of the market and come up with good ideas to deliver their brand. Above all this, a good marketer needs to be creative. Sadly, an uncreative marketing strategist will come up with the same old strategies that people already know about and have played out.

These tactics are not effective anymore. These are seven important marketing tactics that work for almost every business, whether they are startups or established businesses.

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Video marketing

It is easier to attract an audience through entertaining and engaging videos, as opposed to written content. 60% of consumers prefer to buy things that they have watched on their television screens. This is the power of video marketing!

online marketing growth tactics example: video marketing

Email marketing

This strategy might sound ineffective, old-school and over-rated. But that is wrong. Email marketing is powerful, and those who are using it are collecting huge revenues. People who claim that it doesn’t work are the ones who doesn’t know how to use it correctly. Email marketing provides customers information regarding the latest news and insights.

Mobile marketing

Over time, mobile phones usage has surpassed desktop computers. As a result, there is a great push in the market for companies to ensure that their websites are optimized for mobile browsing. This was the first step toward becoming mobile friendly. The journey wasn’t over, the technology involves a lot of other factors, too.

The following are mobile technologies that every business should begin implementing:

  • Mobile Apps: This may sound expensive because of high price point of mobile development and many small business miss it out, but this is highly effective. Although, there are some DIY affordable app builders that can allow companies to enter into mobile-centric world.
  • Mobile Payment Services: Whether shopping in-store or online shopping, customers nowadays want to pay though the simplest methods possible. Customers are adopting services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. If you haven’t yet offered this payment option to your customers, you are missing out on possible revenue.

Marketing via blogging

Many businesses already have blogs that they update and publish regularly. But the question is if that is effective? Well, the answer is yes! If you have a good SEO team who knows where to publish what and how will grab the audience then there’s a good chance that you will get noticed. But audiences these days have started to notice that how valuable and authentic good writing is. If your content is not interesting and informative, people will lose the interest right after going through two or three lines. If you really want to engage the audience to read out your blogs, get an expert blog writer with good writing skills.

online marketing growth tactics example: marketing through blogging

The power of follow-up

Marketing is not just about advertising about your product and trying to attract them to buy it, it’s a lot more than that. It covers a variety of things, like taking follow ups from people. It builds a connection and trust between buyer and supplier.  You can take advantage of the chance to link feedback and complains from your customers to the rest of your business because it provides marketers and business owners with insight that they can use to improve their business, products and overall customer experience.

Make sure to keep your internet surveys simple and personalized. No one likes to dedicate more than two three minutes on internet surveys because clients and customers don’t have time for that. Simple and customized surveys with having just few questions are more actual and customers are most likely to fill them.

Make quizzes and surveys

If people are asked to play a video game or visit some not so interesting websites, they will prefer the game in a heartbeat. If fun factors like creating quizzes and games to engage and grab attention are added to the websites, you are more likely to convert the audience into customer.

Keep social media pages updated

Social media has an audience of more than 3 billion people from across the globe. Two billion of them are active. Without an active social media presence, there are fewer chances that your business will be successful. Lacking official social media profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest would be a missed opportunity for those businesses looking to get exposure to reach the maximum number of people in digital market. If you regularly update your brand’s social media account, people subconsciously start to view your firm as an authority.

Whether you want to promote a product and create awareness in the market, or build relationships with customers, or drive new sales – social media is a great platform for you. You can also add pictures and quotes on your page to gain audience. Never forget to cite your content if you are copying it from somewhere. There are citation machines available that provides you with the correct formats of citation. For instance, if you want to cite in CSE format, you can search for CSE Citation Maker on the web that will provide you with an instant citation.

In conclusion

Any of these techniques can help your small business grow. Use these online marketing growth tactics in combination, and you’ll have a much better and stronger marketing plan.

Have you used any of these in your marketing efforts? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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