Secrets of Effective Online Communication [Event Recap]
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Secrets of Effective Online Communication [Event Recap]

How to communicate effectively online? Is there a universal path to follow when planning communication or is it industry-specific? How do you establish effective digital communication with customers based on their behavior patterns?

We tried to find the answers to those questions during our exclusive networking event in Gdansk, Poland, where the GetResponse HQ is located. We were joined by nearly 80 local business owners and marketers.

Keynote: Consumer behavior: Why your brain buys stuff it doesn’t need

Jamie Turner gave a very interesting presentation focused on how to hack our brains to hone online messages. Jamie, who is an internationally recognized author, CNN commentator, speaker, and blogger behind backed up his knowledge with a bit of pre-keynote practice.

Before coming on stage he personally welcomed attendees; with a big smile on his face he asked about their struggles and goals. This very outgoing style of getting to know the audience was a perfect hack to target the presentation – and this was the theme of the event. It also changed the first part from a lecture to an open dialogue.

Jamie Turner and Luke Kosuniak during conversations with meeting participants.
Jamie found time for each event participant.
Jamie Turner during lectures.

If you’re interested in Jamie’s presentation, be sure to check it out here:


Panel discussion: Creating personalized experiences online

During this part we focused on how to address specific communication challenges and differences in B2B and B2C segments.

Next to Jamie Turner, the panelists were: Łukasz Kosuniak, Head of B2B Marketing in Samsung Electronics Poland, who lead the way of introducing marketing automation in Samsung Poland (as the first subsidiary in Europe) and Karolina Kurcwald Chief Wordsmith at GetResponse, who is our in-house expert on achieving greatness with words.

As a starting point to the discussion we used a number of interesting stats that showed how companies and customers look at personalized communication:

  • 88% of consumers say they’re more likely to shop with retailers that deliver personalized and connected cross-channel experiences. (source: Swirl Networks, 2015)
  • 74% of onlineconsumers get frustrated with websites when content (e.g., offers, ads, promotions) appears that has nothing to do with their interests. (Source: JanRain, 2013)
  • 94% of companies see “higher engagement and conversion rates” as benefits of a commitment to customer experience (source: Econsultancy, 2015)
  • Less than 10% of retailers believe they are highly effective at personalization and nearly one-third admits that they are struggling with the subject. (Source: Gartner, 2014)
  • 50% of companies don’t target their email communication at all (GetResponse, 2017), up from 42% in the previous year.

During an hour-long discussion with the audience, we came to a few interesting conclusions:

  • Marketers struggle with personalization because they lack ideas on what to personalize besides the name and product offerings.
  • Companies struggle with customer personas and targeting the right audience.
  • Customer data is a challenge: not using what’s available, collecting irrelevant data, or not knowing which data is important.
  • Personalization requires relevant content, which – at least at the beginning – can be tricky to prepare with limited resources.

During the panel Łukasz recommended additional research material, books that helped him lead initiatives at Samsung: “Buyer Personas” by Adele Revellla and “They Ask You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan.

Luke Kosuniak and Jamie Turner during a panel discussion.
Karolina Kurcwald, Luke Kosuniak, and Jamie Turner.
Luke Kosuniak and Jamie Turner.
Event participants listening to the panel.

Keynote: How to use marketing automation to create a compelling message online

The event ended with a practical presentation by GetResponse’s very own Irek Klimczak, Content Marketing Expert. We learned about the four pillars of effective marketing automation strategies. He also shared a simple yet descriptive example of progressive profiling and abandoned cart strategy by UncommonGoods, an online marketplace for DIY creators.

Irek Klimczak of GetResponse.
Irek Klimczak during his keynote.

See Irek’s presentation here:

Greetings from the GetResponse Monster, who also participated in the meeting.

After the event we got to know each other informally during lunch and we were able to talk more about specific cases.

Let us know in comments if any of the conclusions sound familiar. How does your company tackle the personalization challenge?

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