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Weronika Sulikowska

Employee Communications Manager at GetResponse who is responsible for the internal and external communication processes and everything that revolves around Employer Branding topics. Philologists and psychologist, who works hand in hand with Talent Acquisition Specialists. A big fan of positive and social psychology.

Articles by Weronika:

Boosting Employee Morale: 5 HR Tips

I once asked my colleague: “have you ever wondered what is it that really makes people happy at work?” He put down his morning coffee and answered smirking: “Yep! Money and even more money” Fair enough – I thought to myself – sounds legit. Yet I wouldn’t be myself if didn’t question that, because I found […]

5 HR Infographics to Start Your Day

A morning routine can help you harness all those little things that make your day productive. One activity I highly recommend is to enjoy a daily dose of inspirational writings. Are you in? Then make yourself comfortable, because we’ve got five inspiring ideas for you today. Grab a sip of coffee and find out what’s […]

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