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Simon Grabowski

Simon is CEO of GetResponse. In 1997 he started GetResponse Email Marketing with only $200 in his pocket. Today, he is the owner of several online businesses that serve a growing network of over 23.6 million people. Follow him on Twitter @simongrabowski.

Articles by Simon:

How To Get Your Email Deleted

I may not be the biggest physical fitness nut out there, but there are two things I exercise – without fail – almost every day. The first is my wrist, as I whip out my credit card for the latest must-have item. (Luckily, I have a husband who understands how much money I am saving […]

Email spoofing getting more sophisticated

Phishing attacks are becoming more and more elaborate. Moments ago a curious PayPal scam landed at my PayPal address that we’ve never used for anything else than PayPal transactions. The scam email contained one element only — an image that perfectly reassembled PayPal’s transaction receipt. More specifically, a payment receipt for an “inMotion iM4 Portable […]

Email Spoofing

Have you ever received a “spoofed” spam/virus/phish email that claimed to be from the party you know and trust?Or, to rephrase the question, how many do you get every day? A technique where an illegitimate sender deliver an email message pretending to be from someone else is called “email spoofing”. Spammers, scammers and criminals have […]

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