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Marcin Struzik

An economist by education. Video-editor, blogger, lover of all forms of motion images by profession and interest. At GetResponse, responsible for training and promotional film production. He is the content creator for

Articles by Marcin:

Online Marketer’s A-B-Cs, Part #2

In part 1 of Online Marketer’s A-B-Cs you found out why Jacuzzi is an important element of a marketer’s world and how much humor means in good communication. Now enjoy part 2 of the alphabet – sorry if you’ve been too excited to sleep — and find out how dangerous the number of 42% is.

Online Marketer’s A-B-C, Part #1

No matter what language you learn or what time of life you learn it – be it your native language or a foreign tongue, taught by parents or schoolteachers – you start with the alphabet. Your business communications need accurate language, too. So make sure you know all the letters of the online marketer’s alphabet! 

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