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Ivan Hamlin

Ivan Hamlin is a man who not only drinks too much coffee but also knows how to sell it in dozens of ways. He is an entrepreneur, marketer, blogger and also provides academic writing tips to the young students.

Articles by Ivan:

10 Entrepreneurial Books to Read This Fall

Being an entrepreneur is a bit tough, but if you have a proper reading list, it becomes easier. Besides, an entrepreneur who reads is well informed, and can stay at the top of his/her game. Yes, you need to be technically savvy too, and choose software that helps your business grow. But a well-written book […]

Tips for Creating & Scheduling Your Marketing Campaigns

A marketing campaign does the job of promoting a product using varying media platforms, such as radio, television, print and online programs. Other than advertising, marketing campaigns can also make use of demonstrations and various other techniques. Business functioning in exceedingly competitive marketplaces can pledge recurrent marketing campaigns and offer substantial assets to producing brand […]

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