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Aaron Orendorff

Aaron Orendorff is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Business Insider, Content Marketing Institute, Copyblogger & more. Grab his Ultimate Content Creation Checklist at Follow him on Twitter @iconiContent.

Articles by Aaron:

18 Words To Skyrocket Your Email Open Rates

First, the bad news: according to GetResponse’s massive 2016 study The State of Email Marketing by Industry, of all the marketing and business-related emails that get sent 4% get clicked, 22% get opened, and 78% get absolutely nothing. Not a very encouraging number, especially if your business depends on email marketing in any size, shape, […]

Most Announcement Emails Suck

The vast majority of “Announcement Emails” suck. They’re a barren wasteland of same-old, same-old: “New items in stock!” “We’re growing our company!” “Happy Holidays!” It isn’t that you and your business don’t have anything worthwhile to share… but like other marketing techniques, we tend to get stuck in a rut.

Why Response Rate Is The New Click-Through Rate

Since the dawn of email automation, marketers have been obsessed with a single metric: click-through-rate (CTR). Naturally, this obsession comes with good reason. While email open rate is little more than a vanity metric reflecting your ability to write compelling one liners (i.e. subject lines), when it comes to email engagement — i.e., getting your list to […]

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