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Adventures in Email Testing & Optimization [Free PDF]
by Michal Leszczynski last updated on 0

Adventures in Email Testing & Optimization [Free PDF]

As a GetResponse customer, you were recently chosen to wield a weapon unlike any other — GetResponse A/B Testing, a powerful feature that makes it easier than ever to optimize your newsletter campaigns and reach your goals. Now we’ve got something special for you. Come on inside and we’ll tell you all about it…

Now that you’re fully equipped with A/B Testing and a step-by-step user guide, you’re ready to take on the competitors and make the entire world bow before you.

That may be true …
In fact, we want it to be true!
That’s why we prepared something special for you today.

Please make way and warmly welcome the Essential Guide to Email Testing & Optimization, your complete guide to preparing, running and analyzing A/B tests — and truly winning your customers’ hearts.

Thanks to this guide, you’ll learn:

1. The rationale behind routine email testing

Email testing has been proven to produce better deliverability, higher conversion rates, more sales, and stronger customer relationships. However, there are some common excuses for not including email testing on daily to- do lists. Learn how to tackle the obstacles that make us dread testing and treat it as a one-off project.

2. Golden rules of email testing

Once you understand the excuses for not testing, you’ll see it’s worth taking careful, thoughtful steps to maximize your outcomes. Our 10 Golden Rules outline how to prepare, run and analyze tests, so you’re not just walking blindfolded and hoping for the best. With these rules, your outcomes can be anticipated and replicated.

From now on, email testing will be a walk in the park, not a walk through Mordor!

3. Email elements to test

Now that you’re all buckled up and ready to go, consider these 15 campaign elements you can optimize. Will you focus first on the “From” name and email address or the subject line? Or perhaps you want to analyze how different pre-headers affect your open rates.

Regardless of where you start, it’s worth exploring all the elements of your program that can be optimized and, more important, how you can adjust them to make a change that can be anticipated and replicated.

4. Go forth and conquer

Now that you know what to expect from the Essential Guide to Email Testing & Optimization, gather your troops and get ready to take on the whole world.

Remember — you can’t run effective tests without good preparation. And with this guide, we’ve got you covered. Click the cover below to download:

Download Essential Guide to Email Testing & Optimization

So enjoy your adventure. And when you reach your destination, don’t forget to send pictures and share your stories with us – we have cool T-shirts for feedback from you! See the post in this link to find out more.

Bon voyage!

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