9 Excuses That Prevent You From Becoming a Successful Blogger
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9 Excuses That Prevent You From Becoming a Successful Blogger

“I shouldn’t bother blogging about this, who is going to read this?”

“I am just wasting my time here – nobody cares if I write this or not.”

“I am just a terrible writer.”

“What business do I have about blogging about this stuff?”

Do you ever have thoughts like these racing through your head when you are about to sit down and start writing your blog post?

I am sure you do – but I am also sure of this thing: You are not the only one.

Every time you are going to try and do something important, your monkey mind will start jumping up and down. The lizard brain will raise its ugly head and the resistance will make its grand appearance (I am not making this up, listen to Steven Pressfield and Seth Godin – they are ones who have written about this multiple times).

But that’s just what it is.

Resistance. That nasty feeling that you get inside of you that fills you with dread and every possible, imaginable excuse out there.

Let’s see how many shapes and sizes it can appear in:

#1 I am not good enough or I am not an expert

Do you find yourself thinking that? Welcome to being human.

All of us go through that, no matter what level of success we have reached in our lives. The easiest way to deal with it is to stop the comparison game altogether.

Any time you feel yourself asking this question, come back and ask yourself, As compared to what?

When you find yourself comparing to another successful person, remind yourself of how many years it took this blogger to become this successful. This should shut up that annoying voice.

Stop comparing the outside of someone’s blog with inside of yours. Meaning, you don’t know what goes behind the scenes of that operation, so stop comparing.

Instead, invest in you. Hone your craft. Increase your value. Go take more courses and get out there and get more experience. Surely now you have more to offer?


#2 Everything has been said before

Yes, you are right, it is rare that somebody comes up with something that is truly original.

However, what you are going to say, and how you say it – well, nobody’s done that before.

Your voice, point view and perspective is what your followers want to hear about so give them that. Put your spin on the topic, present a new angle, present the info in a brand new format.

Yes, what you want to convey has probably been said before, but has your audience heard it from you?


#3 I am boring

Also known as the ‘I have nothing to say’ excuse, this is closely related to the excuse above.

You think you need to be some sort of an entertainer to become a successful blogger. You need to have a larger than life personality; you need good lucks, or a potty mouth. You are sure you need to make videos of HBO standard to be successful.

Yes, by all means portray that persona if you are truly that. If you are comfortable using colourful language, bring it on. You rock videos? Open your YouTube channel. However, if you are the quieter type, you can still succeed. When you start getting comfortable in your own skin, you become exciting. That’s when the magic happens.

When you are confident, you never run out of ideas to write about (which is an excuse anyway, I am sure you have tons of bookmarks and links saved in Evernote to get you started if you are truly stuck).


#4 I don’t have time for social media

Well, you know what, neither do I. Or those people for that matter.

The only people who have time for social media are either social media professionals or teenage kids.

Like many things in life, you have got to make time for it. The good news is you can spend as little as you want. Sure, it is going to take you longer to reach your goals (a certain number of followers or social shares) but something is better than nothing.

Start with one medium. Spend ten minutes on it. Learn to automate and schedule your updates to save time. That’s how everybody else does it.


#5 I don’t have the technical knowledge

That’s fair. But this is something you can easily hire someone else to take care of.

Sure, you have to learn how to operate WordPress for example, but that is not hard. For the setup and any backend issues, it is totally okay to hire someone to do the job for you.


#6 I don’t know the right people

To be really honest, I would’ve been surprised to not see this on the list. Unless, someone is very new, or too cocky, most people struggle with this aspect.

So you might feel that unless you get the attention of the influencers, the A-listers, the heavy weights, you won’t be able to succeed at this blogging thing.

Not. True. Sure, you will succeed, but it is going to take you longer.

But this shouldn’t stop you from trying. No one starts blogging with all the connections in place (most people don’t). If you are passionate about your topic, write about things in an interesting way and are willing to learn, your time will come.

You will get noticed. Your work will spread. Trust me.

But you have to do the work first.


#7 I don’t have the money, or time

That’s got to be the worst excuse. Worst in the sense that it is not even true.

The beauty of blogging lies in the fact that it is the most cost-effective way of marketing your business. It can also be time effective when done right.

You create and publish content that appeals to your ideal audience. You get them on your email list and slowly move them from a lead to a prospect to eventually a customer.

You don’t have to be a news site or a magazine. You publish strategically.

Tons of time or money? Not required.


#8 I don’t know where to begin

This has got to be the lamest excuse of them all, hands down.

Tell me, if I ask you if you were offered your dream job in Paris, would you know how to get there and where to find a place to live and so on…?

Yes? You can manage it? You’ll Google it? Good. Then you can figure out how to get started.


#9 I tried it before but I failed

When you mean ‘failed’, what do you mean exactly?

Did you not get the number of subscribers you wanted? Did people not engage with your content? Were you not able to sell to these people?

If you failed then you know what didn’t work.

Now go on and try something else so you know what does.

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