5 Free Tools for Self-Made Social Media Managers [Online Marketer’s Tool Kit]
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5 Free Tools for Self-Made Social Media Managers [Online Marketer’s Tool Kit]

I guess I don’t have to say this, but just to make sure – I will: social media is a web place to be for a business these days. Here’s a number of free, easy-to-use web tools that will save your day around the social: manage content, target adequate audiences, measure the effects of your activity and gather the important data you need to plan further activities. .


When you browse social media profiles and look at the fan pages you like, it may seem that managing them is easy and quick. Nothing more than a 15-minute walkaround every day. But once you actually start the Facebook fanpage or a Twitter profile  – not to mention Google+, Instagram, YouTube and others at the same time – you’ll soon find out how difficult it is to come up with fresh and accurate ideas every day, week, month…


But where’s a will, there’s a way – and in this case, social media tools are the way to:

  • fill your profiles with interesting and engaging content,
  • not get lost in tons of copy,
  • check how social media work for your business.

Let me show you a couple of free and convenient social media wizzards.


IFTTT [pronounce like “gift” without “g”]

https://ifttt.com/ .

Never mind the awkward name (stands for If This Then That) – IFTTT is a real social media magician. It lets you set a huge number of actions (called “recipes”) between your social media or content storage profiles.

Using IFTTT, you can:

  • share the content in a number of portals, but publishing only one post.

Example: snap a photo on Instagram, and it will be added to a Facebook album “Instagram” instantly:

 . IFTTT recipe 1 .

  • store all your posts, tweets, etc. in a selected file on the Web.

Example: set up a convenient Google Docs spreadsheet including all your tweets and make sure you never repeat a post again (or your boss never misses a post you tweeted):

.. IFTTT2 .

  • add all your completed goals to Google Calendar.

This way, you’ll always be perfectly aware of what’s done and still to be done – what’s more, sharing will take only seconds.

.. IFTTT recipe 3 .

You have 80 channels to choose from (why not call them “ingredients”?), so the possibilities are truly endless. If this number gets you a little terrified and unsure what recipes will work for you, have a look at Recipes tab and search:

  • featured recipes by other users,
  • recipes recommended for you, based on the ones you’re already using and your active channels,
  • trending, new or all time recipes – these can be really surprising:

. IFTTT recipe 4 .

This tool also offers amazing solutions when it comes to personal social media management. Every self-made community manager loves it instantly! .


Rite Tag

http://ritetag.com/ . At first, you may think using hashtags in tweets is nothing special – you just tag the #keywords for your posts. However, once you become a little more familiar with Twitter, you’ll see there’s a whole hashtagology to it. Anyone could use a guide on this one – and that’s what Rite Tag was created for. . What does it do for you?


  • a thorough and clear analysis of your Twitter account and the content posted, all you need to do is click the button:

. Rite Tag ..

  • hashtag audit – it checks the popularity of hashtags you’re using and the probability of discovering the tweet:

. Rite Tag hashtag audit


  • hashtag suggestions – Rite Tag doesn’t leave you puzzled with tweet analysis, but also offers ideas for accompanying hashtags to make the tweets more visible:

 . Rite Tag hashtag optimizer


  • hashtag optimiser – if you wish to pick the best hashtag for your next tweet, Rite Tag will search good options for you; what’s more, you tweet instantly or schedule your next tweet within the tool. So convenient!

 . Rite Tag hashtag suggestions   Rite Tag hashtag optimizer 2.

Rite Tag also offers hashtag statistics and a bunch of other useful features – now, having your tweets discovered and participating in the hashtag flow is so much easier and effective!



https://getfokus.com/en/ . There is a ton of tools to analyze your social media accounts: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics Panel… But who has time – and patience – to visit all of these and get used to different interfaces, features and reports? You could get a headache from this number of digits and diagrams at once!

This is where Fokus enters, combining a number of popular analytics resources into one, perfectly easy-to-read stats at hand. But make sure you sign up quickly – free access to this tool ends on February 28th!

/..Fokus smart analytics  .

You don’t have to be a stats fan and that’s perfectly understandable, but when you have a look at Fokus’ dashboard, you’ll love it. The visualisation of data seems perfectly clear and appealing even to those who suffer from digito- and diagramophobia, if you know what I mean…

.Fokus analytics display .

The tool also helps managing tasks around the team, granting particular rights to different users assigned within the general account. All your Marketing department will be perfectly up-to-date with latest results around the web. Fun fact – even web masters will find something especially for them. “Hints” section provides useful tips to improve the loading time and user experience of the website.

.. Fokus hints .

Who shared my link

http://muckrack.com/whoshared/ That’s a very simple tool to you check your shares around the social web. You enter the URL you want to check, click “Count shares” and… that’s it! You get a neat count with each social network and a list of journalists or bloggers sharing your content. But the journalists/bloggers section shows only the ones registered in Muck Rack database, so I wouldn’t recommend focusing on it. Social shares seem much more objective in this case.

.. Who shared my link .. Who shared my link - social share count .

Text Overlay

https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay .

I suppose many of you had a situation when Facebook rejected the ad you set up because it contained too much text in the ad image. The borderline is pretty strict – only 20%.


So that you don’t waste time wondering how to check your ad image, Facebook introduced a tool to measure this for you. Just upload the picture and click the grid boxes that contain any text:

.. Text overlay 1 ..

Ouch, this ad definitely wouldn’t be approved! Let’s try something else:


Text overlay 2

Phew, this one looks much better!


Social Media Image Maker

http://www.autreplanete.com/ap-social-media-image-maker/ .

Let’s face it: nobody ever remembers the size of every profile picture and cover on social media portals. Even the graphic designers. If you have any in our team, you can always complain at them until they note the sizes down, but if you’re left alone with your social media visuals, I totally understand this pain.


Luckily, there are smart people out there who created a tool that lets you adjust the profile pictures and covers. Instantly, effortlessly and for a huge number of portals. Even the ones you’ve never heard of (but don’t worry – a lot of marketers haven’t, either). That’s what you call graphic design in a snap!



Hope these tools will make your social life a little easier from now on. Or maybe you’re using something else? We’re curious about your opinion!

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