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Free whitepaper details the evolution of Quick Response (QR) Codes, and uses and benefits of mobile email marketing.

WILMINGTON, Delaware, May 17, 2011GetResponse a leading email marketing provider used by over 205,000 businesses worldwide, announced today the availability for download of “Mobilize Email Marketing with QR Codes”, a whitepaper analysis of the history of 2D barcodes, with use cases, tactics, and tips for email marketing applications.

To download the whitepaper, visit:

Key topics covered in the free whitepaper:

  • How marketers can reach growing mobile consumer segment with QR codes.
  • Tactics for using QR codes in email marketing and all related channels.
  • Examples of multichannel uses such as email, web sign up forms, banner ads, online contests, social media, etc.
  • How to create effective QR code email campaigns and increase ROI.

Readers will discover that, as consumers become increasingly mobile, the coding of URLs, text, web forms, and other content makes it extremely convenient for them to scan and respond to marketing messages from any source – thus bridging the divide between traditional and digital marketing.

Research and development of the QR Codes whitepaper and new QR Code Generator were inspired by the successful use of 2-D codes by the consumer products, retail, publishing and travel industries in several industrialized countries, and by the opportunity for GetResponse email marketers to penetrate the exploding mobile consumer market.

Locations in Which US Smartphones Users Have Seen QR Codes

“We’re very excited to release this whitepaper and help SMB marketers understand that QR Codes are not just for the big name brands – anyone can use them with help of our new QR Code Generator,” explained Simon Grabowski, Implix CEO and founder of GetResponse. “Most importantly, with our new whitepaper, we wanted to give our customers ideas and tips for implementation in their email campaigns so they can reach this growing consumer segment. eMarketer(1) projects that US smartphone users will reach 73.3 million by the end of this year – that’s 31% of the total mobile user population. Mobile scanning also increased 12-fold in the second half of 2010.(2) Now, with the combined release of the whitepaper and QR Code Generator, small businesses can benefit from one of the hottest new trends in 21st century marketing.”

To download a free copy of the newly released “Mobilize Email Marketing with QR Codes” whitepaper, go to:

QR Code Generator Highlights

The new GetResponse QR Code Generator enables fast and easy creation and embedding of 2-D barcodes into emails, banners, web forms, and more, allowing consumers to: display and respond to marketing messages instantly, open a web page, play a video, get sales, marketing or support contact information; register for a contest or sign up for a newsletter, donate to a cause, even “socialize” pre-composed text messages − just about any call to action the email marketer can imagine or require.

For information about GetResponse, go to

About Implix

Implix is focused on delivering affordable, feature-rich, self-service online marketing solutions that help small and medium business around the globe improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability. Implix offers the innovation-leading GetResponse email marketing platform and best-in-class ClickMeeting web conferencing, supported by an international team of customer service experts. Founded in 1999, the company maintains offices in the United States, Canada and Europe.

About the Company

GetResponse serves more than 350,000 active users from 182 countries, delivering more than 1 billion permission-based emails per month, with an average deliverability rate of 99.3 percent. Clients include GlaxoSmithKline, Marriott, Intercontinental, University of Arkansas, Carrefour, Men's Health Magazine, and thousands of fast-growing businesses and professional firms.



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