How to Write Newsletters That Get Opened Read and Clicked

How to write newsletters
that get opened, read, and clicked.

In this exclusive e-book by GetResponse and Joanna Wiebe you’ll learn how to:

  • Reinvent Your Newsletters
  • Increase Your Email Open Rates
  • Boost Clicks and Conversions

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About the author:

Joanna Wiebe runs a conversion copywriting consultancy in Victoria, BC and is the co-creator of both and Disco Surveys, the incentivized pop-up survey for marketers.

Top Reviews:

“So, I’m finalising the digital component of a 7-figure marketing campaign, with barely enough time to juggle everything from PPC, retargeting, SEO to email follow-up, landing page design and a dozen other things. I’m busy, is what I’m saying, and yet I STILL sat down and read your "How to Write Newsletters That Get Opened, Read, and Clicked" eBook IN ONE SITTING (which is no mean feat, this thing is huge!). I had no choice – it’s packed with powerful, effective, evidence-based advice, is a compelling read and despite its massive size contains zero fluff. I sent it to my entire team immediately and am making them read it, too. I have to say this is one of best eBooks I’ve ever read related to digital marketing in general and THE best eBook on email marketing, period.

…and you’re giving it away for free?!? Well, I sure don’t mind! Fantastic work Joanna, feel free to keep it coming!”

Jake CorcoranDigital Marketer at in Victoria, Australia

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