Subject: ARP... A Breakthrough in Marketing

Frank here again... with another follow up on the
new automated marketing system that will break
records in regards how many people make money
compared to other bizopps, MLM, affiliate program,
HBB programs etc.

The #1 issue with any sort of network program or
multi level program is... "I can't recruit anyone"...

Well that will be solved with ARP and I know what
you think... another broken promise... another hype
info etc.

Ask me who has wasted 10's of 1000's in marketing
and lost a lot of hard earned money over the years
with marketing that simply doesn't deliver.

ARP has made an agreement with big media firms
that delivery laser targeted high quality traffic with
people who exactly looking for something like ARP.

And this comes with guaranteed results because
that is the agreement between ARP and the big
media firm which deliver already since years to
huge marketers and companies who spend up
to multiple 6 figures a month with the same source.

Yes, you read it right, up to multiple 6 figures a

You need at least a 10k budget and special
connections to even have the chance to get
in to the door of those big media firms.

It's tricky and most never get their hands on
this highly targeted traffic that delivers.

Now you don't need to spend 10k but at least
a 100 bucks is necessary to join the company
co-op and but so called traffic packs.

You can buy 1 pack or 2 or 10 etc. but the
coolest part is this...

You get guaranteed 20 confirmed cell phone
optin leads for each $100 spend.

This is wholesale price, ARP make no profits
on this.

You not get some "email optins" which cost
almost the same... you getting "fresh and
they confirm their cell phone number after
they've opted in".

Did you hear what I just said?

You are building a cell phone list .. confirmed
which you can send "sms" to sell other stuff
have them join the other biz you already do
or do in the future.

So you building a high response sms double
optin list... on autopilot... this is a marketers
dream... but below come the best part.

I was talking on the phone with one of the traffic
managers... and based on past experience and
based on the results seen so far with the system
he was saying "conservative" out of 20 cell phone
confirmed optins he think a sale is generated
and that's worth... yes a $100... RESIDUAL not
one time.

Now this would be a real marketers or any business
oriented persons mega dream because this means
that you spend $100 and make $100 back, you at

But wait... that is what he told me but let's assume
only 50% come through or even only 25%.... you
will be still at breakeven in a few months BUT those
who join will join the co-op as well... at least a good
% will so you make then as well $100 not one time
but residual.

This is not a guarantee... but if someone who
has the experience with this traffic saying
"conservative" 1 sale per 20 and even you need
40 or 60 optin to get a sale... this is still a
breakthrough and you will be in profit after a
couple months... it can't be easier than that.

So what if it's not working... then they all would
have lied to me and honestly I doubt that but
what if it's working like this... and you missed out
on it... to be one of the first who share this with
others what you can do asap after you have joined
and gone through the system...

If you have 10 who have 10 you already make
over $10,000 residual income but you don't
believe it stops then with this kind of marketing.

What you do when you get at breakeven after 1
co-op... and make a profit next month because
the $100 is residual... you buy more as much
as you can, correct.

Even you breakeven in a few months time... you
follow the same simple 1 step system... buying
more traffic packs... everyone can do that with
no experience what so ever.

At least if you understand a little bit of business
you gonna buy more and more traffic packs continue
to increase your profits and they doing the same who
joined through the co-op and everyone you personally
know, have on your mailing list, send out solo ads
etc. pp.

I know who they manage the traffic for... this guy
is making 2 digit millions online... and we get the
exact same traffic... for this system... Bingo!

And what about 50%, so let's assume you would
need to spend $200 to make $100 back with the
first co-op... then 2nd month u make this $100
again so you already then at breakeven... do you
follow me?

Even spending $300 and make $100 back 1st
month, then you earn 2nd month the $100 residual
and spend another $300 but not out of your pocket
because you've made already $200 back and spend
then only $100 out of your pocket and then you
make in the 3rd month $300 and are at breakeven
and in the meantime some of those 3 sales bought
traffic packs too etc. pp.

But there is way more than in the backend where
we can make more...

Do you know how long it takes normal businesses
offline and online to be even at breakeven?

Years in many chases... so this is simply a business
dream come true.

It's ALL about getting laser targeted traffic to
the right offer... the perfect fit... and this is what
this traffic will do for us or how do you believe
some making millions online... because they figured
it out how to get the right traffic and this is what
this business is all about and that's why I'm super
excited and hope you do... unless you think funny
stuff... like you don't believe what I say or you think
the old "To good to be true" thingy.

You decide in the end...

But... trust me.... I know more than you know and
what I can tell but this will be a dream come true.

I'm and I bet everyone is looking for automation
for a way to make a lot of money on automation
and a real business not some money games etc.

Something that can last long term and is legal
and has a real product which ARP has and many
more down the road.

Something that everyone can do with no experience.

Something that is "duplicatable"... and that's exactly
what this system is all about.

Let's make some money and let's share this with
the world so everyone who failed a 1000 times finally
can succeed.

This is ... no question.

So check it out now... go through it... and if you are
international... you will find a way... to get a pin.

Just optin... you will see. Just do it.

Marketing giants already joined... why did they because
of what I'm telling you... don't wait... the timing is

Be at the right time, at the right place is good but
taking action is what nobody else can do for you
than yourself!

Carpe Diem,
Frank Astheimer
Skype: frankastheimer