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by saqamaweb | on August 25, 2013  


Empower Network LLC…. click here!

/almostasecret.php?id=saqamaweb     It is LOVING your family; community and nation!

The Empower Network launched on 31st October 2011, hosts one of the largest viral blogging communities and publishing platforms online in addition to providing educational business training products and services.  People blogging about other businesses, hobbies, religion, and other inspirational stories and experiences.

Empower Network selling the high-level marketing training courses by successful marketers in the world are all digitally delivered online & can be access by customer/affiliate at the back office once they buy it. And from time to time, some add-on courses will be updated.

The unique of this viral blogging system & others product has provided an opportunity to affiliate to have  profitable “100% commissions”

146 Second Street North, St Petersburg, Florida 33701, Suite 201
UK office: 66-68 High Road, Bushey Heath, Herts WD23 1GG (Correspondence not accepted)
  • Co-founder and CEO : David Wood
  • Co-founder and President : David Sharpe
  • COO : Jerry Ballard
  • CTO : Casey Muse
  • Controller : Michele Backus
  • Director of Event Planning : Andrea Ramirez
  • And the 28 others strong team members.
  • Support Desk:
  • Affiliate and Biiling Support Line: 1-888-262-1934(Monday to Friday – 8.30am to 9pm EST)

Empower Network Short Preview

Empower Network Best Support & Innovative Teams


David Wood_副本

#1 Recruiter in MyLeadSystemPro

#1 Recruiter In The Numis Network

Won A BMW from MLSP & won a trip to Bora Bora for two from MLSP

We, SAQAMAWEB TEAM Welcome YOU!… Click here…

/almostasecret.php?id=saqamaweb      It is LOVING your Wife; Sons and Daughters!

David Sharpe_副本


According to Direct Selling Hall Of Frame 2013,  out of approximately 8,000 Top Earners and 350 companies are listed, the average Top Earner in Direct Selling recorded, Empower Network are the top 8th & top 20th awarded:

top earner-ENtop earner-vick1


Remarkable short preview

Jan 2013

- According to Alexa, the rank of the largest global site at 521th (US).

- 4000 affiliate attended the convention in Austin, Texas, USA from all over the world.

Austin - Jan 13

Feb 2013

- 10,000+ new customer sign up.

Mar 2013

- 12,000+ new customer sign up.

Apr 2013

- 15,000+ new customer sign up.

- 6000 affiliates attended the conventional in Chicago from all over the world.

May 2013

- Sales figure revealed for the month is $5.055K+ (excluded non-commission item)

 July 2013

- 6000 affiliates attended the quarterly conference in Denver from all over the world.

- $10,000 donation to Habitat of Humanity of Pinelass County

- More than $30,000 donation to American Red Cross in support of Boston Marathon Bombings victims.

Alexa rank as at 21st August 2013

alexa rank_21.8.13


alexa rank_21.8.13_1

You found Empower Network, you found your career, business opportunity, self-development & motivation, supportive community and wealthy healthy life living.

Albert Sooquaimeng of SAQAMAWEB TEAM Welcome YOU!

Click here!  /almostasecret.php?id=saqamaweb   It is LOVING your Spirit, Soul and Mind

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About The Author: saqamaweb - Albert Sooquaimeng; the "Keyman" Shareholder of PLC in Malaysia: Harvest Court Industries Berhad. The person who staged "Come Celebrate Video Montage" 1992/1993 at Dataran Merdeka Style Christmas Celebration in a Muslim majority Malaysia. Blessed with Godly wife; two teenage sons and daughter. SAQAMAWEB TEAM has good reason to earn $1,000,000/- daily to set up Seven (7) Million Missional Business Development Centres Globally that feed millions: Empowering the poors, weaklings and marginalised humanity. is about Albert Sooquaimeng's life. For details of him, please click here! EMPOWERING CONFESSION MADE

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