Subject: The '$10K Challenge' Is Here. You IN?

The '$10K Challenge' Is Here. You IN?
Hey Friend,

Kirschan here...

The date was December 20th, 2012....
On that day there was a closed door, invite-only

webinar taking place hosted by Vick Strizheus,

very similar to the one coming up this Thursday...

What happened next was almost unbelievable...

Vick presented an idea that allowed average, ordinary

people to completely transform their lives.

Just 8 months later... some of these folks have

made as much as $253,000 (just in 8 months!)

Many have taken their incomes to $5,000, 10,000,

and even up to $60,000 per MONTH
in just

8 months!

(Disclaimer: These are THEIR results. Your results

will vary. These folks followed the trainings to the "T")

The cool part is that the training and the system

that was provided to them was 100% Free.

Don't Miss This...
Now, here's why this is important for YOU:

This coming Thursday, September 5th - Vick Strizheus

along with some of his top students are hosting

(possibly) the biggest Hangout this industry has

ever seen...

And they are rolling out a '$10K Challenge'

This is an invite-only event, just like last time...

If you're accepted to participate in this Challenge,

you will be going for building a $10,000 per month

income within the next 30-60 days.

If you've been praying for a miracle, this may be it.

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, this

might be your way out to freedom.

Register here for the big event before all spots are taken:

Your Partner In Success,

- Kirschan Blyden.
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