*Interested People* World Light Funding - Update!

April 23rd, 2009 at 3:22 am EDT

Hello Interested People,

A long awaited update on World Light Funding. One of the many pre-launch programs we are in, waiting for things to start moving/paying. Others are AAN (see website for update, just waiting for software to be complete) and IgglyBiggly (Just waiting for back office software to be complete). We are singing the pre-launch blues on all these.... but the potential for each of them is so enormous for so little paid in, it is well worth the wait for them all.

Hang in there,

Thank you to my sponsor for the update below!

Greetings -

Just wanted to let you know that you can now login to your World Light account and if you click on either earnings buttons, you will see how many people are below you (or joined World Light after you).  Now, if you came in with a $59 entry, you will not show any below you under the Options Earnings.  But if you click on Stages Earnings, you will see how many are below you in the matrix for the stages.

Also in your back office, when you click on Account Settings, you will see your member ID.  My member id is 2124, but when I click on Member Details, I see that the position I purchased is number 2442.  The difference is because some people have purchased multiple positions.  Therefore, making my position number higher than my id number.

If you want an idea of when you will be "in the money" - take your id number (this is for the $59 stages level) and multiply it by 7.  Now - before you get too shook here, please remember this should take off like a rocket once David Preston comes on board - but that won't happen until the site is fully functional.

You will see by one of the updates below that there have been no entries into the program since March 23.  The programmer disabled that page to work on other aspects of the website.  Also, some of the people who were paid have been in this program for four years!  No, they never gave up.

Off to a slow start?  You bet!  However, assuming the website does get to be fully functional - meaning an online pay processor where people can join worldwide with a debit/credit card - that is when it should take off.  On Monday's night's call, Mike said that David Preston will "test" the system by bringing in 50 - 100 people per day when the site is ready.  And yes, right now - you do still have to mail in your application and money order.

I am coping and pasting the last two updates from Mike Dodd below.  Please pass this on to your referrals.

All the best,


World Light Newsletter    April 22, 2009
Hey Team!
We have Counters in the Backoffice Now!
We have the "Earned and Paid" Stats in the Backoffice Now!
We will be moving offshore far, far sooner than
ever expected because we are wanting to,
basically, get around the selling an e-book
We are already in progress of setting that all up....
working with the lawyer to set that up and all!!!
This is Great News!
We just wanted to get the word out!
Mike Dodd
Trust Manager

Your Newsletter     April 15th,  2009
Hey Team!

Guess what?
C.hecks went out this week!

There were 4 and 5 figure c.hecks
that went out! (Many were three
We are close to having it ready
to online signups! (Coming very soon!)
Over 60,000 bucks is about to
be sent to Charities! W O W !

That is what this is all about!
(Make sure that your backoffice
information – including your mail
address – is up to date!)
Sign in instructions:

Go to: www.worldlightfunding.com
Hit "Sign in" on the top right of the Home Page
Then you put your username and your password.
Then hit "Login" below.
Then, when the page loads, the word "Backoffice" (in blue)
should be on the top right of the page (where "Sign in" was before).
That is what takes you to the backoffice.
(Later, the login will carry the members
directly to the backoffice.)
The site to log is:
Later, (when the programmer has
hooked up the replicated sites), your
site will then be:

Mine is www.worldlightfunding.com/Suzanna

New member updates:
No one has been entered since March 23.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
We are waiting for the programmer to
finish the last of the components and
install the last of the programming.
After that we will be able to enter
the applications once more (it should
be in a few days)!
Now, when we enter new apps, it will
send a confirmation email to them with
the username and passord.
Conference Calls:
The conf. calls are
646-519-5800  Pin 0777#
*Sun at 9 pm Est
*Mon Tues and Thurs at 10 pm Est
Updates update:

The programmers are almost finished
with the emailing system. When finished
we will be able to update members from
the server’s email system!
Thanks and Stay Tuned For More to Come!
Mike Dodd
Trust Manager



More info on World Light Funding here: