*Interested People* URGENT!! My email account has been hacked!

May 23rd, 2011 at 8:27 pm EDT

Hello Interested People,

My main gmail account has been hacked. I never thought it could happen to me! I use a Mac and am extremely careful as well... but there you have it.

If you receive any email from me that doesn't sound like me, it is because it isn't me. My other address also seems to be taken over: suzanna2@wanadoo.fr

So although this email will appear to be coming from my regular gmail address: interestedpeople@gmail.com it is coming from getresponse.

You can contact me at suzanna@interestedpeople.com . Do not reply to this email because I can't access interestedpeople@gmail.com right now although I have made a claim to gmail and hope their 24 hour promise holds!

What a mess! Everything was in there. UGH

OK, wish me luck as I cover my other accounts and thank you,