*Interested People* QPay Pre-Launch Prices Extended!

March 3rd, 2014 at 5:59 am EDT

Hello Interested People,

Great news! The pre-launch price at QPay has been extended to April 1! That gives us more time to get in at the lower price ($330 vs $495)!

Below is more info about how this works, for passive members especially.

Of course, joining this one is a risk as we know little about admin and the company is totally unproven. BUT all info I have indicates this is going to be a huge big deal, a total future success. So if you want to get your foot in the door at the lower price and accept the risk, now is the time!

Company and program info can be found in my last update here:

Funding is either thru direct deposit or bank wire, but we have person to person funding set up thru our upline which makes it a bit easier (paypal and STP)…

There is no referral link, your sponsor sets up your first position and if you choose to buy multiple positions, you set them up under yourself. I can also do this part for you and there is a specific strategy to follow if you choose multiple positions and/or bring others in (which is optional of course).

I will advise a specific strategy for you given how my own downline is structured as you WILL have a power leg building on one side. No one in my downline will not have a power leg working for you!

If you’d like to join, please contact me asap to arrange funding and receive the info form I will need for your registration.

I look forward to your participation!
Thank you and have an awesome week!

Once you join, if you'd like to be added to the Team Skype Room, please contact me on Skype: suzannafrance




The name of the company is Quick Pay Group Ltd or QPG and it is an Independent
Marketing Division for Quick Group Business Channel.

The company is based in Belize, Central America and has their affiliate banks in
Belize, New Zealand and Switzerland.

CEO & Co-Founder - Larry Jones
COO & IT Senior Adviser - Jasbir Singh Awapal

Qpay has some advantages over other companies in this arena...

1.  Varied product line-up

2.  Great price (lower than most)

3.  Existing success from their product channels

Those who participate 100% passively will make money.

Those who actively build the business will make even more. 


There will be at least 13 Business Channels (Products or services) to
choose from. They are starting with 4 and will be rolling out a new one
every few months to create and maintain steady company growth.

Products include:

- A Unique Penny Auction ( already running)
- Discount membership card/program ( discounts from restaurants and malls)
- Travel site ( already exists but just needs linking to program- travel discounts)
- Quick Box ( Android technology device that converts any TV to a SMART TV)

- Online Casino ( They will have their own private labeled online casino )
- Quick Talk ( VOIP Service)
- Quick Cafe's ( Actual "brick and mortar " coffee shops opening in Berlin )
- Motivational/educational products
-Web hosting Service
- Health and wellness product line

I think you get the picture....LOTS of REAL PRODUCTS, many of which I can see
REALISTICALLY generating the sort of external i.ncome that is needed for
sustained growth and longevity.

The vision of the company is to go IPO in a few years time and they expect to be
 a Trillion dollar enterprise by 2020.

They have selected an MLM approach to promote their products and services and
have gone o great lengths to ensure that they have a compliant and legit model that
t will be here and p.aying us for many years to come.

We p.urchase a units that will provide us with various products that we can use (
the product will depend on what is available at the time ) and we can either
p.urchase more products for ourselves for our own use or we can introduce the company's
products and services to others.

We get p.aid commissions on the work that we do for the company.

12 minute Introductory Video


QPay Conference Call

Recorded webinar:

With NO RECRUITING or sponsoring - what can you potentially make? This is based on passive participation and your own multiple positions. There is also spillover you will receive for the RESIDUAL income, so below is calculated without that number as it is going to vary for everyone. This is also based on pay rates POST LAUNCH (after April 1).

1 unit cost:  $330
100 payouts from Profit Sharing and Saving Wallet:  $528
Residual pay:  This is the second passive income stream and amount will depend on spillover if you are passive. Every unit that falls into your 2x10 will pay you $1.65 per month.

3 unit cost:  $990
1-time Commission Bonuses (Leadership, Retail, & Binary) $148.50
100 payouts from Profit Sharing and Saving Wallet:  $1584
Residual pay:  $4.95 x 4 = $19.80
Total:  ($1584 + $148.50 + $19.80) = $1752.30 - $990 = $762.00 Profit 

7 unit cost:  $2310
1-time Commission Bonuses (Leadership, Retail, & Binary) $544
100 payouts from Profit Sharing and Saving Wallet $3696
Residual Pay:  11.55 x 4 = $46.20
Total:  ($3696 + $544 + $46) = $4266 – $2310 = $1,956.00 Profit

15 unit cost:  $4950
1-time Commission Bonuses (Leadership, Retail, & Binary) $1535
100 payouts from Profit Sharing and Saving Wallet  $7920
Residual pay:  $24.75 x 4 = $99.00
Total:  ($7920 + $1535 + $99) = $9554 – $4950 = $4,604.00 Profit            

31 Unit Cost:  $10,230
1-time Commission Bonuses (L, R, & B) about $3172  (estimated)
100 payouts from Profit Sharing and Saving Wallet $16,368
Residual Pay: $51.15 x 4 = $204.60
Total:  ($16,368 + $3171 + $204.60) = $19,743.60 – $10,230 = $9,514.00 Profit

There is NO limit on how many units you can purchase.  You must buy
at least ONE to get started.  The examples above give you a guideline on how you can strategize your Qpay business.


QPay’s webinar and conference calls

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

8pm EST    7pm CST    5pm PST     3pm Hawaii time

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Please announce yourself and your guests and then press *6 to mute your line.

For the webinar screen share please go to


You may also access the screen share audio by clicking on the phone icon at the top of the Join.me viewers box once you have entered our room and listen without having to dial in.



Email me the # of units you wish to purchase and your preferred method of funding and I will send you all the info you need to get started!:

( Choose from Bank Transfer ( available to US members only ), Wire transfer ( Non-USA ) , person to person: STP or Paypal )