*Interested People* KingUni: HUGE New Passive Business Coming and We will Be Doing a TEAM BUILD!

November 4th, 2013 at 2:54 am EST

Hello Interested People,

I wasn’t going to post anything about this right away because my sponsor and I are going to organize a TEAM BUILD for it and we aren’t quite ready yet….

BUT I am seeing this get blasted out there already, so I feel I need to just let you know preemptively that I will be participating and we will be doing this in a TEAM BUILD fashion (in other words, we will place people under you directly).

It takes a TON of work to organize a TEAM BUILD so for now, just read the program info below and let me know if you will be interested.

I ask you to choose your sponsor wisely because not only will we be doing this as a TEAM, we also have a team leader that will provide all kinds of pro resources to help you market this if you choose to do so.


The best part of this is that it has 3 streams of COMPLETELY PASSIVE INCOME, which I know most of you prefer and that is VERY hard to come by legally.

This one looks like it will be the NEXT BIG ONE and you will now start seeing it everywhere.

No one has a link to join yet, it isn’t even in pre-launch. We got our foot in the door very early and we are going to be loading people manually thru the home office. So take the time to read thru and let me know if I can reserve you a spot.

I also need to know what level you will want to come in at. K3 will go into the TEAM BUILD and K1 and K2 will come into the general mix.

ALSO, to make it clear, UPGRADED KARAT BARS members will get first placement and we will be using KingUni as a feeder into our KaratBars team! We were going to introduce it to them first but now that the cat is out of the bag, I gotta let you all know about it and ask you to please choose me as your sponsor so we can help everyone thru the TEAM BUILD!

OK, enough preamble, here are the program details. Please let me know if you have any questions and also if you want the powerpoint, email me for the attachment.

Thanks and have a fantastic week!

Let me warn you that I have just written a book (:)) BUT to me this will change your financial future so set aside a little time and make sure to read everything... thanks.


The name of the program is called KingUni.

Owner: Francis Yoon

This seems to be a join venture with investors from China, South Korea and USA.

They are launching in the US first and have provided the following contact details:

Address: 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-757-8660
email: cs@kingunimobile.com

My second upline is direct to the company and is playing a key role in rolling this program out to everyone so he insists that this is an exceptional program and one that will change the future of all who take early action and join.

He says this is the real deal and while one really never knows with these programs, we simply must weigh the risk/reward here and make a judgement call.

My experience with these programs is that you really never know what exactly is the truth from what isn't BUT I do agree that in all of these type of programs, those who took early action have and continue to significantly benefit from that action and all we can do right now is to either accept or not accept the word of this upline member.


The massively expanding Mobile Gaming market

KINGUNi’s goal is to create an internationally renowned high-tech mobile game enterprise founded on the company’s main business concepts of creativity, innovation, leadership, and trends.

With the help of our global collaborators, including Telecomms, internet, social media, financial investors, real estate, sponsors, and funding associates, the company will form a global presence in the mobile game industry.

There are many companies backing KingUni but two of the main ones mentioned are  IDG (International Data Group) and Sequoia Capital.


The product and the compensation plan to me are superior to the others.

If we look at the other programs, all of which are seemingly doing well we can see that their products don't have the same massive potential that KingUni has.

Telexfree ( telecom service that to em can be achieved on skype and also you place ads for the company that no one ever purchases from YET they are well over a year old now and shows no sign of slowing down )

Better Living ( Penny auction...we now about these and I personally prefer to stay away from this model yet BL is still doing well and has been doing so for a long time now )

WCM777 ( Cloud storage....while useful does it really have mass appeal? Be that as it may, the program has already made a lot of money for members and continues to do so)

JuDing ( This is the newest of the bunch and their product is graphene technology (which is intersting as this is a good product) and a new type of car battery. This program might have promise and had it not been for KingUni, Juding would be second choice ).

Now take KingUni ...everyone has a mobile phone ( or two ) and the online gaming industry i huge and booming. Everything is going mobile now ( has been doing so for some time ) so the MOBILE gaming industry is a natural technological advancement and if KingUni can do what they say, their product ( and by extension their chance of sustainability and longevity ) shows the most potential.

Coupled to this, their comp plan is legit and very important is the fact that of all the programs, it offers passive members the most bang for their buck.

Passive members earn the most money weekly than all of the others so investments are recovered the quickest.
There are also two other totally passive streams of income that is not offered in the other programs.

There are elements of the comp plan that both ensures that the bigger builders/recruiters are forced to help their downline ( because they receive rank advancement for doing so ) and also it literally forces existing members to take more and more positions under themselves (which ultimately keeps things building for everyone ).

I will give a quick overview of the comp plan below but the above are some valid points to consider.


If you are honest to yourself in your analysis of all of these models it is safe to say that with EVERY ONE of these programs, new money coming in  ( and whatever financial backing the program starts with ) is what is used to initially pay out to the membership.

This is standard in all of these programs BUT the make or break part of these programs is what is to follow....Programs that have products with the potential to actually be marketable stand the chance of creating external income from the product itself which is what will then stabilize the programs when the ever growing membership becomes too financially demanding vs the amount of money coming in from new signups.

This is why the potential of the product is important as we can realistically see a mobile gaming industry being a booming one so without having a crystal ball, one can say that their risk/reward is good with a program like KingUni.


I am attaching a PPT to explain everything but for this I will split it into what's in it for the passive members as well as what are the advantages for the promoters


3 out of the 6 streams of income in this program are completely passive.

1) Global Bonus Pool
Purchase a position and get paid a weekly income based on the level of position that you purchase

K1 - $599 one time - earn $40 a week up to $1000 return
K2 - $1149 one time - earn $80 a week up to $2000 return
K3 - $1999 one time - earn $160 a week up to a $5000 return

There is no recruiting needed to earn here and this is per position. Members can take multiple positions under themselves if the so desire to earn both the referral commission as well as the global commissions.
Also, this is just one of the three streams of passive income.

2) Binary Bonus
This to me is a bit misleading as it is not a traditional binary but rather it's more of a 2x forced team matrix where the sooner one joins, they will inevitably get spillover as their matrix builds and they will eanr either $10, $20 or $30 per member that falls under them depending on if this member that joins is a K1, K2 or K3.

Again this is completely passive and has to happen as in a 2x matrix it builds deep and not wide.

3) Lucky Prize
This is something different where it seems the latest news on this is that all members ( regardless of if you are K1,K2 or K3 ) will be allocated 100 members each and you will earn $1, $2 or $3 prize for each of these members depending on if they join as a K1, K2 or K3.

Again completely passive so this program should find good favor with all the passive members but more importantly, with these 3 combined streams of income, a passive member can realistically earn a nice ROI without ever referring a single person if they didn't want to.


Here is where it gets very interesting so please pay attention so as to not miss the HUGE BENEFIT of this program.

Apart from the above ( which all active members will also receive) there is also the following:

1) Direct Referral commissions
This is pretty standard where we will earn 10% on all the direct K1, K2 and K3 members who we refer.

2) RANK ADVANCEMENT BONUS *******( This is the feature to retire on)

This is the feature that caught my eye very quickly as it can create huge incomes very quickly for those who strategically build their downlines in KingUni.

For those who can refer 3 K3 members, you move to the rank of RUBY and you then earn $200 a week instead of $160....This is standard as an active member will go out there and recruit as ,many K1, K2 and K3 members as possible so hitting the Ruby rank seems almost inevitable.
As a ruby you earn this until you hit a cap of $10,000

Now here is where it gets interesting....HELP those 3 K3 downline members to become ruby members of their own ( or they can each refer 3 K3's on their own if they can recruit) and they move to Ruby rank and earn $200 a week and you move to SAPPHIRE RANK and earn $600 a week
As a ruby you earn this until you hit a cap of $100,000

Now you would have a downline of K3's that looks like the start or a 3x matrix....3,9.
Help ( or just structure a teambuild) so that all new K3's don't join under you directly but are strategically placed under the 9 new K3's so that you now have 3,9,27 and this pushes the first 3 to sapphire where they earn $600 a week, the next 9 move to Ruby and start earning $200 a week and you move to EMERALD where you earn ( and will continue to earn week after week ) $2000 a week.
Emeralds have a max cap at $500,000

Finally, add 3 each under these 27 new K3's to form 3,9,27,81 ( 120 total k3's in your downline ) and you move up to DIAMOND where from then on you earn $5000 a week with a max cap at $1 million

Please note that this is PER POSITION and we can have as many positions under each other as we like.

IN FACT, we are almost forced to do so as for one we can have more than one position that moves up the rank PLUS , the 2x matrix in income stream #2 only goes 10 levels deep for a K3 member so in order to keep earning from that passive income stream, we will ultimately have to take more and more positions deeper in the matrix so that we can earn past the 10th level with these new positions.

They already have ACH in place for US members so they can deposit and receive money directly from and to their US bank account with no hassle at all.

For members outside the US, we can pay and receive money by wire transfer but I am also working internally with upline for them to take STP and Payza as forms of payment and they will transfer the equivalent of Kinguni money internally to get people started.

Also, he 6th stream of income has not been explained yet but I think it will be some sort of company share but I will seek clarification.


Please let me know if you are interested and what level (K1, K2 or K3) you will come in at.

For those on a budget, I may be able to organize some group positions as well. But again, we haven't had time to get organized yet. I really wanted to wait to present to you the entire plan, but this will have to do for now.

I hope it pleases!