*Interested People* King Uni Updates and Webinars

December 22nd, 2013 at 12:34 am EDT

Hello Interested People,

We had one of our leaders go to China for a King Uni convention. It was fully paid for by King Uni, which shows that the company definitely has financial backing, to say the least.

Below are the 6 reports from him and a summary from Tyron about the team build.

Right now, Tyron is concentrating on the marketing systems so we can hit the ground running in January. But if anyone is interested in a K3 position, please refer to this post for info and instructions. He may not be able to place you until after the holidays, but your request will be recorded.


If you are interested in my group co-op, please refer to this post for info. Right now, I don’t have enough interest in shares to justify purchasing a new K3 position, but if enough of you want to participate in response to this email, I will do so. So let me know please!


If you want to enter as a K1 or K2, please understand that I will be entering you myself manually as soon as Tyron gives me the go ahead. There are a few good reasons to wait on adding you in, and since he is managing the team build by hand, it is best to do this in the organization that he requires to do it properly. I will let you know the minute he says to start entering you! I have past requests on record and you can also let me know to reserve a position now.

OK, without further ado, updates and webinar info below.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to 2014 being a prosperous year for us all!




WOW it was a long trip to Guangzhoo, China. I am here and met the 70 people
at the airport.

More than I expected...another 25 are coming in tonight. Everybody is all
excited. About 1/3 of the members are from Korea, 1/3 from China and 1/3 from
USA.  99% are Asian and I am the only white American.

We have a great hotel and were treated to a late lunch.....then later tonight
we are going out to a dinner event put on by the owner.                                                                 

Frances told me that m0ney is not an issue with the company. The reason
they have been holding back on the passive p.ayments is legality issues
of p.aying without generating i.ncome from products we are promoting.....which
you know has not occured at this point.                                                                                                                       

Frances said that the comp. plan will improve and the passive i.ncome is
starting soon.                                                

I briefly talked with the owner and she is a good business lady that has
done well in other projects.                                                                                                          

I left my house at 2:30 pm. Sunday and after 9,000 miles and 3 transfers
with layovers I arrived in Guangzhoo on Tuesday at 11:30 am. The city is
one of the largest in China and we drove through 50 miles of continuous high
older somewhat run done skyrise buildings where hundreds of thousands of
people live. I have never seen or even come close to seeing that many miles
of high rise living quarters and office and manufacturing buildings. I guess
they have turned some of the older rundown skyrise apartment building into
work places to produce cheap products.

Our meetings start on Wednesday China time. So I will report back post

So far I have been impressed. For Kinguni to spend around $5000 per person
should tell you that m0ney is not an issue with Kinguni.  Thats over 100
people = over $500,000. Most of the time if companies put on an event you
p.ay them $199 to go and you p.ay for your own e.xpenses.

Recently I was at another meeting and it c.ost me $300 to register and I
p.aid my own way.

I think there will be some announcements and I will have a better feeling
on the whole project......The proof were looking for.

Thats it for now. More later.


I am heading down to the lobby now for breakfast and this is the day
of the convention and meeting.

So I should have more later on.   

The  http://kinguni.com  website is up



Hi Tyron,
I am learning more about Kinguni and the Mobile Game category.
This morning we attended the China Mobile International Expo. 
Quite dramatic and interesting with many popular gaming companies
and all the big boys in attendance like Sony, Microsoft, China Mobile,
Quantum, Apple, Angry Bird, Samsung, HTC, and more. 
There must have been around 10,000 people at the expo and presentations. 
Today everybody turned in their ipads to have the Kinguni company load their
15 games on the ipads. Tomorrow we go to the Kinguni offices and do the tour.
The basics i learned about the company is it was founded by a group of 2,000
investors from China, USA and Korea. Jennifer is the president of Kinguni and
the head of this group. They are always looking for new ways to make money
in various kinds of investments. 
They looked at the mobile game market and got involved a few
years ago. Kinguni is doing well in the Chinese market and wants to expand
the business globally starting with offices in Las Vegas then in Eastern
USA, Europe, Brazil and Russia for a world wide business.  
One of the other businesses Kinguni owns is a tech school that has a large
department in mobile gaming and trains students in Mobile game Development.
The have graduated 37,000 students.
Kinguni has also partnered with 45 different gaming and development companies.
They own some totally while having an interest in others. 
I was just called down to the lobby to talk with the president of the company. We are 
having a special dinner for 40 Gaming companies and our group. She ask me if i would
do a 10 minute presentation on why this is a good business for the US market. This dinner
is put on for investors,Game development companies and Kinguni associates. 
Not sure why I got chosen to speak at the dinner other than i am the only non Asian
white person at the meeting.  
My conclusion is that Kinguni means business and is going to be very profitable
and sustainable. 
Larry Moeckel,



Hi Friends, 
It was an amazing day yesterday. Going to the China Mobile Expo
and seeing all the new phones and games. Then we had an Associates
meeting for 2 hours and heard from 3 different speakers from
Kinguni. One being Mike Lee....not sure of his title I think VP of
sales and Marketing for Kinguni. 
Kinguni will be introducing 5 games around Feb. 8th to the USA market.
They have a promotion and advertising budget of 3 million dollars for
each game and expect a return of 300% minimum for each game.
The games include a series of  "The Gods", an innovative poker game,
a chest game that can do 10,000 players at once and others. 
There will be lots of gifts in the games for players.
One of the key statements made by Mike is that
 "The essence of Gamification is Innovation"
In order to last and do well in the gaming market you need to have
innovative creative games ongoing. Kinguni is working with many
game development companies to achieve great success. They own
some of the companies and others they have partial ownership
or agreements. 
In January the App store will have some of the Kinguni games and
They are getting ready for a big Game Event on July 4th in the USA. 
Kinguni China has 3 offices in china and 1000 employees. We will 
be touring one of the offices today. 
Last night we had a special event dinner for game developers and
associates. It was great with music and a series of speakers. The key one
being the CEO of China Mobile. 
Everyday I am here Kinguni looks stronger as more facts are observed.
I do believe we joined the right company and have a great future with Kinguni.
They have never done MLM or networking before so their will always
be a few issues that arise. It is no different than release of new products
by Microsoft or Apple. 
They did hire a new CEO for kinguni USA that will be in the office
at Las Vegas...Mark B. and they hired some new Admin. people.
I will send out another up date in about 10 hours. 

Larry Moeckel



Hi Game Marketers,
The Kinguni China trip has been amazing and eye opening.
I have never experienced a network marketing company that
p.aid for absolutely everything for 5 days at first class restaurants
and hotels. That is not the main thing it is that Kinguni is
very solid and has big plans for the future. They are supported by
a large Fortune I.nvestment Group.
Kinguni had 45 affiliations with different companies,we visited 3 of them 
yesterday. Very impressive seeing 300 people sitting behind their
large screen developing games. Half of the employees having 
engineering degrees the other have specialize in game development.
Now I kind of understand why the other 2 so called gamification
companies failed. It is very difficult to compete with low c.ost
well educated staff of 900 employees. 
The companies we toured that kinguni has a % ownership in:
1. http://Cmge.com    They are traded on the nasdaq (cmge)
2. http://Mokylin.com....Very impressive
3. http://paojiao.cn  smaller but good.
These companies were located in outstanding high rise office
buildings had had one to three entire floors. 
They indicated last night that they are not an MLM.....Kinguni
is more of a traditional company paying for promotions
The Kinguni office also looks great and is having a grand opening of
their new office in March. It looks like they will be bringing in
Emaralds and Diamonds for the meeting. you should plan on
We had a very good informational meeting that lasted till 1:00 am
last night. 
I will give you an update on the meeting at one of my layovers
on my 20 hour trip back to Scottsdale.
I feel 300% more confident in Kinguni and this is the best company
to promote and be involved in. You will thank the person that
invited you.

Larry Moeckel


I think that we have established ceredibility and that this is a real
o.pportunity and now it's time to pull everything together and
start bringing in some serious numbers after the holidays.

KingUni has started to p.ay part of the Weekly Pool Bonus so this
was very nice of them as it's not the full amount but they wanted
everyone to start e.arning something so everyone can be happy.

Regardless of what you are p.aid right now, the TOTAL AMOUNT is
guaranteed regardless of the weekly amounts. By this I mean if
you are Ruby let's say and the total cap is $10,000....then regardless
of how much you receive weekly, you will e.arn and e.arn until your
total amount reaches the 10k. Same with all of the other ranks.


Larry and Jim want to do a webinar tomorrow so as soon as I speak
with him again and confirm I will send out the webinar schedule in my
next update along with his final analysis of what he experienced and
details of how we will proceed etc.

Exciting times are ahead of us folks so get ready to experience a
program and a teambuild like you have never seen/experienced




Hello all,

Below you will find the final update from Larry coming out of the
China Convention that basically says it all.

What we wanted to establish going into this convention was to
ensure that this Kinguni o.pportunity was REAL with a real product
and real plans of making this into a sustainable o.pportunity for all

I am very satisfied that KingUni is exactly that and we can now
proceed with confidence to the next phase of our development as a
team which is the setting up and execution of our marketing and
advertising system.

I will send another update outlining how we will proceed but for now
please see below for the final update from Larry and also below that
will find the webinar details as both Larry and Jim will be doing our team

I am sure you agree when I say that I would like to thank Larry VERY
MUCH for taking the time to represent our team at the China Convention.

China is not exactly next door and he had to travel thousands of miles and
attend many meetings etc to ensure that we could get the proof that we
needed to proceed.

From the entire team, we thank you Larry.

We also thank both Larry and Jim for their current and future efforts with
our teambuild webinars. These webinars will be fine tuned a bit now that
we have all the facts. Thanks guys.

In closing, please try to attend one or more of our team webinars( details
below ) and pass the information on to anyone who you think  might be
interested in an o.pportunity like this so that they can learn more about
KingUni and what it has to offer.

Leaders please pass this on to your list members.




Hi Mobile Marketers,

I am at the Los Angeles airport getting back form a life time experience
coming back from China.
The games have been loaded on the mini ipads and can be played by
your associates. 
The company is making excellent progress in all areas and is translating the
Kinguni tested games to English for the US market. They should be in the app
stores by the end of January. 
Some facts about the company management.
Mark Valentine the new CEO of Kinguni marketing division located in Las Vegas office.
He has build a number of mlm companies and has been in the mobile game business.
Chan lee CEO in charge of Game development in the USA and will be working
from Orange County Ca. Experienced in Mobile Gaming.
Mr. Cavet is the new manager in Mobile Game marketing and an expert in Mobile gaming. 
Richard Grover is the CFO in charge of financing and m0ney management.
Jennifer the Founder of Kinguni emphasized they want us to be part owner of the company
through the IPO and p.urchase of stocks as well as internal programs for stock ownership. 
Jennifer has been in the i.nvestment business for 22 years and made various
i.nvestments in a number of companies. They looked at the Mobile Game Market
and started Kinguni China 2 years ago. They have thousands of players and
proven results. At the same time they p.urchased shares or percentages of other
development companies which I toured on December 19th. 
Kinguni has strong affiliations with China Mobile who conducted the Mobile
Game Expo we attended. He gave a talk at the Kinguni dinner reception.
They researched information on how to get high ranking and get approved
for an IPO. They found that networking was one of the best ways to do it
the fastest. They did not know anything about mlm so they had 100 people
join networking programs to give them feed back. Kinguni found that the networking
industry was hard for most people to make m0ney in and that most failed
as well as many company failures. 
Kinguni changed the model to make it easier for success. We even made it better
with our Team Build. 
They have been working with a team of lawyers to make sure they were in
compliance. The lawyers advised they should not p.ay out the bonus pool 
m0ney until they had their product up.  This week the product site was introduced
so they p.aid out some of the bonus pool m0ney.  http://kinguni.com
As products are available and sales are occurring the bonus pool p.ayments
per week will get larger. They have a guarantee in place, that all will be p.aid
the amount stated. A K1 is to get $1000, K2...$2000,  K3...$3000
Ruby...$10,000, Sapphire $100,000  Emerald...$500,000, Diamond...$1 million.
It may take more weeks or less weeks depending on performance.   
Kinguni recognizes that the Mobile Game industry is a high risk business
but also has very high returns. 
I have seen our distributor site and it looks very good. It should be coming out soon. 
The next meeting in China is scheduled for March. You will want to make 
sure you are a Emerald or Diamond to attend. 
It was a life valued experience in being your representative for
the kinguni Trip to China.  
Thanks so much. For if it were not for you I would not have
achieved the rank to attend the event.
Lets go back in March with 100 associates. 
To our Kinguni Success,
Larry Moeckel




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