*Interested People* KaratBars: The Marketing System Is READY!

August 15th, 2013 at 7:44 am EDT

Hello Interested People,

My wonderful upline and sponsor Tyron has finished the Lead Capture Pages for us! All this while on a family holiday too... the man is indefatigable!

The instructions are below. You may only sign up for a LCP if 1: you are on our team and 2: if you are an upgraded member.

You can see how the system looks here (this is my LCP) and you can subscribe to see what info gets sent out to leads: http://ezstepstowealth.com/suzanna

My main info page is here: http://12weeks2prosperity.com/

Of course, if you haven't joined yet or haven't had time to even look yet, this is where to get more info on the program as well!

If you have joined and purchased your package (bronze, silver, gold or VIP) you may see that I have started building under you. I haven't gotten to everyone that has upgraded yet, but will eventually. I will try and put at least one on each side for you, unless of course I see that you are already doing nicely on your own.

If you joined and haven't yet upgraded, please note that although you may be in a powerleg, the other side won't get filled in until you do make your purchase... priority goes to upgraded members, naturally!

OK, that is it for me... you have some work cut out for you getting your LCP set up. Just take your time and ready thru the instructions. Tyron does a fantastic job of leading you thru, step by step.

Once you get your page, which will look like this, but with your username: http://ezstepstowealth.com/suzanna you can advertise it where ever you like (no spamming of course).

If you have no clue where to advertise it, then wait just a few more days and the training center will start being available for you to learn.

If you have any questions or get stuck, just let me know!

Many thanks and have a GOLDEN day!

PS. Some of you have wondered why the price of KB gold is a bit higher per gram than the spot price. Here is an info page which answers that question:



Hello All,

I have worked through being on holiday and battling a poor
internet connection at the hotel to get this ready for you as
promised and I want to now invite ALL UPGRADED AFFILIATES
in our KaratBars Business o.pportunity to set up their
marketing system and get started promoting.

Apart from the Team Informational Website that forms part of
the overall system and will be sent out to your leads automatically,
I have created a Team Members Only Website which will be your
guide as to how to do and set everything up.

This site is password protected but I am going to move all upgraded
members to a brand new list at which time I will change the password
on the Members Only website and add all of the ADDITIONAL TRAINING
INFORMATION that you would see I have indicated on the site that will
be added within a week.

I did it like this so you can have access to this site now but really I want
it eventually that only P.AID MEMBERS have access to this website.

The site has a CONTROL CENTRE from which you can access any information
on the site in a structured manner.

You should of course read everything but in particular you need to visit
the section that deals with:

-- How to make your weekly gold p.urchase ( which is a big part of our system
and you MUST commit to this for everything to work)

-- How to set up and use your LCP.
A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE HERE is that you MUST use the same username as you did
when joining KaratBars when setting up your LCP
....Just follow the
instructions on the
site and you will be fine.

Also note that anyone who is not a member of our team's downline or is still a F.ree
affiliate but tries to access this system will be blocked.

-- How to access the different marketing tools provided like banners, email ads,
text ads and email headlines.

Note that the site is not completed as I will complete it ONCE we are all moved to
the new list.

This will be a work in progress and I plan to add lots of resources to this website.

Also know that I will soon be rolling out our INCENTIVES offer for all of those
who abide by and commit to all that we are doing.

Please go to our Team Members Only Website now:


Contact Suzanna for the password!

Regards and please make your weekly commitment of 1 gram of gold and also
set up your LCP and get going.