November 30th, 2013 at 9:15 pm EDT

Hello Interested People,

Below is an extensive update from the "Captain" of our King Uni Team Build. If you have already registered as a K3, you probably already received this, but I want to make sure you do.

I also want to make sure that no one has any regrets later on and this update explains exactly what we are doing and also the opportunity you have to be a PIONEER in what should become the biggest online program of the year.

Yes, there is extra risk involved because it is so new and unproven. But this is also where the advantage lies, in getting in early and taking that risk, just like the Pioneers did when they came to America! So to be a "founding father" so to speak, the time to act is now.

Please read thru everything below and decide what you want to do, then DO IT.

If the 2k price tag is too high, I am also doing a group co-op and you do still have time to get involved that way. Info on the group co-op is here:


For those taking their own position, we have set up a registration page for everyone to register their info and intentions, but also send an email as instructed below.

If you are going to participate in our GROUP CO-OP, DO NOT fill out the registration form. The positions will be under my name and I will manage them with all of you myself.

***So fill out the registration form ONLY if you are funding your own KingUni position***

If you are going to purchase multiple positions, note that under the username request. For example "Username you want to use?" Username1, Username2, Username3.  I want 3 positions please.

K1 and K2s : I will be adding you in myself manually (no referral urls, your account is created by your sponsor). I will ask you for the same info but by email in the next few days, but you may also register your info, just please make sure you list me as sponsor (thanks!).



For my fellow Americans, I do hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and are getting into the spirit of Christmas (or fill in your own Winter Holiday here :-)  as we approach the end of the year.

If you have any questions, please just let me know. Now roll up your sleeves, put on your reading glasses and grab a cup of coffee and get busy reading about our new epic adventure towards prosperity!




For those of you who have either already been registered or still waiting to be registered, please read this update carefully as it contains important information moving forward.

In this update I want to establish 4 things:

1)      An outline of KingUni...Where the program is at and where it is heading.

2)      Exact information of our Teambuild so that you can thoroughly understand what were are doing and what we hope to accomplish.

3)      A clear understanding of what you should be doing right now.

4)      A more effective means of communicating with all of you.



I want to get straight to the point here as I the vast majority of people have been burned many times before and as such they are hesitant/skeptical of anything new.

It is important for you to understand that this is not a program that we just jumped into without doing our research. We are in contact with members who are DIRECT to the company itself and the information that we have is that this is not going to be a big o.pportunity, this is going to be a HUGE O.PPORTUNITY.

You also need you to realize that the people heading this teambuild are very experienced marketers but apart from that they were hand picked because THEY CARE about their downlines and we are not here to exploit anyone for personal gain but quite the opposite.

As such, we have taken every reasonable step possible to ensure that this is as safe an o.pportunity as you are going to find online.

There are many other programs of a similar nature out there so you have to appreciate that we would have seen something in this program to recommend it above the others and even so before it has actually launched.

The BIGGEST ISSUE that we have with 99% of the other programs out there is that at the core of the program, there is no product that we can realistically say can generate an external i.ncome . Some have no products at all and some have products that you simply know is a front but the underlying system is ponzi based.

KingUni , from all that we have been told/shown and led to believe, has a REAL PRODUCT that can REALISTICALLY make the sort of M0ney that is needed to ensure that the company can p.ay every single member AND sustain this p.ayment over the long term.

The Mobile Games Industry is HUGE and the plan that this company has to tap into this huge resource is a good one.

Folks, KingUni originated in China where they have successfully been testing their games and having a huge response over there. The company naturally decided that a GOLBAL EXPANSION was in order and this is what we ( or at least some of us so far ) are now part of.

Like all of these types of programs that originate in their home market and then expand globally, there is a transition period that has to take place and during this transition period, the “early bids” and bigger leaders who as used to this sort of situation are allowed to join.

The members who join at this stage FULLY UNDERSTAND ( and you should too if you choose to get involved ) that these is much more of a risk getting involved at this stage but then again the potential rewards as ALWAYS much much higher.

Within the next 7-10 days I expect to see the release of these games and the new website. The p.ayment that we have made ( all of us so far have joined at the k3 level @ $1999 ) will be used towards the games and helping the company “spread the word” about their games ( which will be our product that in turn e.arns us all a sustainable weekly i.ncome ).

They have clearly indicated to us that very little will be divulged until they launch as this is a very competitive area and they are fearful of other companies copying what they have planned. They have asked for our patience in this matter as all will be clearly explained to us soon and our participation in helping to making these games a household name will become apparent very soon.

You might hear bits and pieces of information from various people online who are always the ones who are misinformed and speaking about things they do not have a clue about BUT your duty is to form your own opinion and not be guided by others who might have ulterior motives for trying to sway you from this program.

I have made my decision, the multiple leaders and promoters I have with me have made their decision and YOU need to now make your decision.

I will end this section by saying that we literally don’t have the desire to work with undecided members at this point in time so if you are undecided either ask the relevant questions to get the answers that can help you make a decision or just let us know that you do not want to be involved at this time and let us get on with what we have to do.



Firstly I would like to say that our goal is to ensure that EVERY SINGLE MEMBER who joins this program with us e.arns a STABLE WEEKLY I.NCOME and we have strategically set up a teambuild to achieve just this.

Before we explain how this works, it is hoped that you would have already explored the various components of the compensation plan for this program.

If not I advise you to do so now by CLICKING THE LINK BELOW


In Particular please pay attention to PAGE #9 as this explains the RANK ADVANCEMENT FEATURE that makes this o.pportunity one of the best around both in terms of not only how much m0ney can be e.arned but how quickly it can be e.arned as well.

What I need you guys to understand is that this Teambuild was created specifically to take advantage of this rank advancement feature and for no other reason.


Here are the KEY FEATURES of this teambuild:


>>>>>> In order to guarantee that we can build this to help every single member,I approached 5-6 pretty good leaders/builders/marketers/recruiters online, explained the program and what I wanted to do and we all came together AS A TEAM and agreed to do this both for ourselves as well as all of our list members....To give them something that they can be proud of that will e.arn them a stable i.ncome while all of the other programs crumble around them

>>>>> The fact here is that once a member joins at K3 they will be p.aid a weekly i.ncome NO MATTER WHAT ( regardless of if they participate in the teambuild, if they refer others or if the teambuild gets downline for them or not ), they all still e.arn weekly.
HOWEVER, with our help, these members can e.arn even more with time. Rather than $160 a week, what about $200 a week or $600 a week etc.


>>>>> To achieve this we must create a very precise 3x team matrix whereby we have to manually place 3 members in ( then wait for them to make p.ayment by bank wire or deposit into the company account ), then once these members are activated we need to add 3 more under these 3 and repeat the process, then 27 more under these 9 etc.....All this time we have to ensure that the members who we actually manually register are not messing about and are the ones that will actually go to make their p.ayments as if they do not, then this blocks the others that we might have placed below them from activating.

SO THIS IS NOT AN EASY PROCESS and is the reason why many of you still have not heard from me although you have sent in your registration forms and expressed an interest in joining us.......It in NO WAY means that you have been overlooked or that you have a lower placement that others but it simply means that we have had to contend ( at least up until now ) with adding a small number of members at a time and this has kept us back to start with.

We finally have a handle on how to do things right so I expect that we will be able to progress a lot quicker now once members do what they are supposed to do after being registered in the program.

What I want you to understand VERY CLEARLY is that you should not mistake this for inefficiency as this could not be further from the truth.

We have a VERY SPECIFIC PLAN that we are following like I said and I want to make this

plan known to you so that you do not make a BIG MISTAKE and think that this is not one of the best o.pportunities that you might have the chance to be part of.



PHASE 1 : The 5 leaders who form an integral part of the teambuild are registered and activated ( COMPLETED )

PHASE 2: A further 10-15 members who will contribute in a meaningful way to this teambuild and who will form THE CORE of this teambuild are registered and upgraded ( COMPLETED)

PHASE 3: All combined list member from all 5 leaders who have definitely indicated that they will make their p.ayment are added in a fair and structured manner into the matrix ( THIS WILL BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE WEEKEND IS OVER)

PHASE 4: The remainder of the list members who have expressed an interest in joining the teambuild but have not specifically said they are definitely in ( and can p.ay right away ) will be contacted again for them to fully commit or not (THIS IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS UPDATE AND IF YOU FALL INTO THIS CATEGORY PLEASE SEE A LITLE LATER IN THIS UPDATE FOR INSTRUCTIONS )


PHASE 5: We collectively start to promote : Commencement of our p.aid advertising campaigns, full out marketing by all our many recruiters as well as other team members who would like to contribute to the growth of this team.



Our initial goal is for EVERY MEMBER UP TO PHASE 4 to reach to Sapphire level and be earning  AT LEAST $600 A WEEK over and over again, within 4 months.

This means that REGARDLESS of where you fall in our initial build right now, our collective goal as a team is to ensure that every single one of you reading this right now that join with us NOW will be e.arning at least $600 a week anywhere within 4 months from the time the company starts p.aying the weekly Global Bonus.

We are not here to mess about and you have until FRIDAY DECEMBER 6TH to get into this CORE GROUP that we will be pushing to at least $600 a week within the next couple of months. We will commit to getting these members to at least Sapphire and above as we feel confident that we can attain the new members to get you all to this level.

You don’t need to do anything more than join and make your p.ayment if you don’t want to ( as we have the people to do all the recruiting ) but YOU MUST COMMIT NOW.

Just in case you were wondering how this will be done, this is a 3x structure so by Friday 6th we would have built down at least 4 levels ( 3/9/27/81) and made a note of the current members that we will be working to get to the Sapphire rank.

Once these members are locked and loaded we will start our promotions . A team LCP is already ready together with banner and this week I will be focused on finishing our team website/sales funnel, opening our team skype room ( for p.aid members ), having our team webinars on their way and essentially having all that is needed to build the next two levels of the teambuild ( 243 + 729 = 972 ) and achieve the goal we set out to achieve for you downline members.

In case you think this is unrealistic I would let you know that in my last program ( which is a much harder sell that this one ) we built a team of about 2000 members in less than 3 months ( and that’s with only 1 of the 5 leaders I have with me now and a few other good recruiters) and in my program before that ( which was more like this one as it was classed as passive ), we built a downline of over 30,000 in less than 2 months ( and again this is without anywhere near the sort of “recruiting power” that I have with me right now ) .

I have to say that I expect very big things both from this o.pportunity on a whole AS WELL AS the team of leaders that are in this teambuild and I can’t wait to see how big we will collectively grow our KingUni Downline.

I am therefore being conservative in saying that all of you who  join with us RIGHT NOW we will be pushed to at least Sapphire rank where you will be e.arning $600 a week for up to a max cap of $100,000.

This is without you lifting a finger if you don’t want to as we have the people to promote so don’t necessarily need any of you to promote if it is not something that you feel comfortable doing.

That’s the beauty of this teambuild....we will not ask the “passive type members” to promote this o.pportunity when we know they cannot BUT RATHER, we will assign this to those who we know are more than capable of recruiting others into this o.pportunity.

You just need to make up your mind one way or the other if you are in or out !!!!



If you are already registered and activated, just hang on and wait to see what a great move you have made. There is no need for you to promote just yet UNTIL we have all of the marketing material ready and you should just make sure that you are on the TEAMBUILD EMAIL LIST ( see below) and that would be the extent of your “job” right now....You have taken action and that is all we need from you.


If you have registered and not sent in your p.ayment as yet, remember that you made a commitment to this team to do so  therefore I expect that by Monday 2nd December you would make your p.ayment to the company.

I have sent each of you an email with the exact instructions to follow so please follow them and get yourself activated.

If in a few days you have not made your payment we will have to give your spot to someone else who can proceed right away and ask the company to remove your postion in the program.

For those of you who have not heard from me directly as yet or have not been registered in the program as yet, you are the ones I need to reach out to right now as it has been a combination of me just being swamped as well as simply having to wait to find an “opening” to add new members so they can be activated without having to wait on those above to first be activated.

Regardless I want you to understand and appreciate that you have not been overlooked, your spot was/is there for you it’s just that I have not filled you in that spot as yet but would like to do so right now as all of you will form part of the group that we are going to push to at least $600 a week once we start promotions after December 6th.

I know that many of you have filled out the registration form BUT it’s becoming difficult to sift through all of those forms with so many people, so for those of you who are still to be registered AND ARE READY TO MAKE P.AYMENT simply do the following step .

Reply to this email  teamkinguni@gmail.com with the heading I AM IN WITH A K3 POSITION and supply me the following information in the email itself:

First name
Last name
Username that you want to use
Email address
The person who introduced you (Suzanna)

Once I have the above information, I will use the remainder of the weekend to early next week to register all of you guys and send you the email which will explain how to make p.ayment and the procedure to follow afterwards to have your position activated.

This will ensure that you are all p.aid up and activated by the cut-off point of Friday 6th December.

NOTE: Remember that this is for K3 members who are willing to p.urchase a position at the c.ost of $1999 and also you have to be able to either send the company a bank wire transfer, an ACH payment or preferably ( for those in the US ) be able to do a direct deposit into the company’s account.

If you cannot do this then please do not  send your details to me as we cannot accept members right now who cannot p.ay right away as it will keep everyone else back.



As you can see, effective communication is paramount to our team’s success and as such I am sending you all a BULK EMAIL this time BUT I do not have the time to keep track of emails etc so I need you all on a KINGUNI TEAMBUILD LIST where I can simply send out an update and it will reach each of you.

This will ensure that each and every one of you are kept in the loop, which is important ( especially during these early stages )

As such, please click on the link below and fill in your details to get on this list that I will use to keep you all updated.


Please note that it is double opt in so you will first get an email with a confirmation link in it and then you need to click on that link inside that email before you are placed on the list.

Sorry for the lengthy update but we had a lot to cover and it is important that you understand where are at and where we are heading with all of this because far to often people tend to get greedy and think of themselves but we are having a TRUE TEAMBUILD here were our goal, like I mentioned above, is to get all of our list members who are registered and activated in KingUni by FRIDAY 6TH DECEMBER to the SAPPHIRE RANK within 4 months time where they will all be e.arning a minimum of $600 a week.

We hope to have you all ON BOARD with us but for those who do not see it fit to join with us, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


Tyron I, Suzanna, Coach Ernest, Terry B, Dr Goddie, Peter B and many others....