Subject: What's Inbox Cash Club - Traffic Explosion?

I received quite a number of questions from my
subscribers asking me "What's Inbox Cash Club -
Traffic Explosion all about?"

Here's the answer…

Inbox Cash Club - Traffic Explosion is a monthly
traffic membership.

Each month, you will receive an in depth
Walk-Through video that gives you my latest and
most potent traffic methods.

These videos are not those traditional traffic
methods like Article marketing, video creation,
JVs, blogging etc.

Traffic Explosion's video contain strategies and
tactics that will give you an incredible edge over
all those traffic methods that you know.

It is a one of a kind collection of proven, in-the-trenches
traffic strategies that has helped me make my first
million online.

The resources you get are more powerful than
anything you can get anywhere else.

Here's a small peep at what you will discover:

- A simple method that brought me 256 customers in THREE Days

- My favorite resource that will get you visitors for only $0.15 per click

- One other 'Magic' tactic that brings in 942 new visits to my website
  every time I employ it (Totally FREE)

- How to automate virtually 90% of your traffic generation

- How to get 300+ visitors to your website in the next 24 hours

- And many many more.

Take note that only 200 members will be accepted
and the door will open on :

27th Oct (Thursday)
10am EST
10pm Singapore Time

That's all for now.

Till then…

See you tomorrow.